ZSR Ammo Warning!

So I watched a video of a gun failure the other day and just saw a follow up by the same channel who was contacted by someone else who had the same issue with the same ammo from the same lot. 1st guy lost a Springfield M1A on the 17th round on it’s first time out and the other was a Zastava M77.
Ammo was:
ZSR 7.62 X 51 M80 ZSR22J030-001 Lot 015

If you have any of this, I’d strongly suggest to not shoot it. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but two of the same issues with only commonality being the ammo with the same lot number, says it probably wasn’t the gun.

Video Links:


Just saw another update video on this - now four incidents of catastrophic failures with the same ammo.


Since this ammo is made in Turkey, I wonder what the chances are of them making restitution for the destroyed firearms? I figure slim to none but I’d love to be surprised…