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Zero Red Dot Help

I was going to preface this question a bit, with some thx for all the help and knowledge here, but I’ll save it for a different post.

New to firearms.
The sub 2k is, I believe is, the full mcarbo mods. Also, with the new to firearms statement, also means new to ranges. Most of mine are indoor. Oddly, cause I’m in a warm climate. I’ve been in a range, so the do’s/dont’s are clear. In my limited shooting, I’m also confident it goes where I want.

Where I need help.
My red dot for the optic mount will be decided on soon. I’ve learned MOA. So I’m confident in my ability to adjust the red dot from 1st shots, to zero.
I am not confident in my rest, I was leaning towards the Xaegis Carbon Fiber Bipod. It’s like $27 amazon and I watched a youtube that has it mounted. I thought as a temp add on, just to sight red dot, works? Also as an aside, I’m cross eye dominant and want co witness. If that applies.

About the :40 mark. I don’t care about the carry case, I have my own method.

Thanks for the help


You get to decide between shooting the Sub weak side with the strong eye versus shooting from the strong side with your weak eye.

I’m also cross eye dominant. I can tell you my weak eye tires quickly when I shoot strong side.

And be careful loading up that bipod to shoot - the pivot holding the barrel to the receiver is plastic. If you are also learning to shoot from a bipod, google will find some decent guidance that will explain why you’d want to “load” your bipod. I’ve had great success using bags on the sub, but I haven’t attached a bipod.


@Surfsup This Bog-Pod adjust from 7"-11", it’s light, folds up small and is under $40. I use it with firearms that I just don’t want to attach a bipod to. Everybody that has tried it while shooting has really liked it.



I have the UTG recon bipod on my S2K. it uses the mlok attachment points. when installing make sure to use blue loctite because the screws will loosen up if you dont. With this bipod i have just enough room for a AFG2. I love my set up, it might work well for you to


@dave67 Thank you. This is exactly why I posted this. Gonna give that a try.


@Dred Bags were a thought. Wasn’t sure which way I was going to go.

@dave67 @Surfsup i looked this up on ebay for me to buy it on line it would cost me $38.61 +52.12 postage and $23 import duty i would like one of these but im not going to pay all that

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I am sorry to hear that, it really is a nice piece.


I grabbed it from Amazon. Not sure if that would be workable or a better shipping /import price option for you.


@Surfsup id say the same

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You will find that your zero will be different with a bipod. As another poster mentioned, the hand guard is plastic with an imprecise fit to the barrel and receiver. That is, it will flex. There are aftermarket brackets that will lock the hand guard to the barrel. Highly recommend that.


The Sig Romeo 5 gets a lot of love here and with good reason! I have one and love it!

But, that was a stretch to pay about $150 for a red dot. I already had a Bushnell Trophy TRS-25, (waterproof, shockproof, nitrogen filled). Both are mounted on medium profile UTG 5-Slot QD Lever Mount Adaptor and Riser (Under $20 on Amazon). The Bushnell is about $70 on Amazon and is really a quality little RDS for that money. Mine went through a real test on the range today and performed like a much more expensive scope and at least as well as my Sig. The riser on both guns and with both sights give really close co-witness.

Knowing what I know now, I probably would have saved the money and gotten another Bushnell. It is not a Sig with its auto-on feature and sleeker look, but for half the price at almost the same performance you can’t go wrong.

I’ll add, I love Sig! I’m all about Sig, but truth is truth and the Bushnell is a really nice little RDS.


I have another suggestion. For pistol shooting and carbine action shooting, this may not help. Not sure how you want to use your S2K.

Some guys I know retrained their dominant eye by closing it and forcing themselves to use their strong side eye. It took a while, but this worked for my wife. The biggest disadvantage to this is the reduced field of vision. You see a lot less down range using only one eye. The guy that told me about this actually wore an eyepatch when he shot for over a year, but did eventually train himself to use the other eye naturally and with both eyes open.