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Your Next Sale Purchase or Upgrade


I’m convinced, a sub 2000 it is. I enjoy my rifles more than my handguns as well. that PPS 43C is a joy to shoot. Less recoil, more accurate, and gets the job done. Can’t ask for much else. Strangely enough, I’m 62 myself, amazing how us old farts seem
to find one another . If you’re going Hi Point, order the trigger spring upgrade, you’ll want it, trust me. You have yourself a good day.

Bill Lockridge



Almost …

A 38 headspaces on the case rim in a 357 chamber. Since a 10mm round is headspaced on the rim of 10mm brass, a 10mm chamber cannot headspace a 40 cartridge. So firing a 40 in a 10mm chamber requires the extractor to hold the cartridge against the breechface so the firing pin can strike the primer.

I run 45ACP in 460 Rowland Chambers frequently. And I’ve run enough 40 through my 10s to confirm it feeds reasonably in my guns. So headspacing isn’t an obstacle but does require a properly functioning extractor.

Fair warning … don’t try running .380 in a 9mm chamber - the cases have different profiles.


Hey Brotherhood, I am throwing this out there for your thoughts.
I am purchasing this Russian SKS for $400.00
Russian SKS Factory
And am going to upgrade it to something like this
Russian SKS 2020 Upgraded
I’ll be able to add optics as well.
Anyone see a negative and/or a positive in my purchase and modernization?


Yep … most important of all: it’ll make you happy.


Thanks Dred, couldn’t make this month’s shooting competition, was away most of the month and again this weekend. BUT, guess what I am shooting next month, upgraded or not?


That’s a reasonable price for an SKS in good condition. Oh for the days when you could buy them for $50… :frowning: