Your Newest Firearm


Thats about all and armslist and such is anymore a bunch of scalpers. I go threw cheaper then dirt, buds guns, and few other sights and buy direct from them or get on there waiting list if out of stock


What about the people who buy a gun shoot the crap out of it beat the crap out of it and then expect someone to pay them nib price or more. The worst i see is when someone takes a 200 dollar 10/22 put a 60 dollar tactical stock on it and try sell for 500 there all over armslist like that it makes me laugh


Managed to snag a CP-33, hopefully will get it before work next week and get get a range report in. Hopefully KT starts selling extra mags (and the extended ones) soon (and hopefully I don’t regret being an early adopter).

Time to start ordering parts for it’s Star Wars makeover.


I decided that I was going to build a few more Custom 22’s. I ordered a steel jig and an anodized red 80% receiver. I bought a Tactical Innovations black nitride bolt assembly and spring. I am going to order a red thumbholed Boyds Barracuda Stock and BSA Sweet 22 scope, I have a Tactical Innovations 1:9 twist barrel waiting for this set up. This rifle will weigh in at 7lbs 2oz. I plan to use this as my ‘varmit assault rifle…’ Lol.


Here’s my newest, came in today. The M Series S2K. (Top)


I picked up my CP33 after work today. I really like the trigger and it came in under 3lbs with each pull test. Mags are somewhat different/difficult to load but I’m sure that I’ll get used to it with each time.

I’m really looking forward to the range time and to seeing what future plans MCarbo has for it.


@4QBarry it’s…awesome!!! You lucky bastid!


Hopefully the guys that make the Lightn’n loader are prep’g a new adapter. If you haven’t seen one …


While we are talkin loaders what is a good one for the glock 17 mags for my sub2k i need a good one for the range and would like to not spend more then 40 bucks maybe 50. I have one of the little plastic push down each round 10 dollar piece of junk but its easier to use my fingers then that thing


Uplula or whatever it’s called works great for me.


Guess what arrived? First, I was pleasantly surprised it came on an actual case and not a cardboard box.

Feels good in the hand, and the trigger is crisp. Really nice sights too. Probably gonna take it to the range tomorrow or Saturday.

Blaster transformation begins and will be documented in the Current Projects thread.


Quick follow up–mags are definitely finicky. Got 26 in one before I switched to loading the other. The second went more smoothly, but it’s never gonna be “quick”, and I wonder if a speed loader will ever work. Best bet will be to buy spares and load up in advance. Those extended mags will be critical


My new Highpoint 40


Winchester Model 62A it was a gift from my Pastor. He said,” I know you will appreciate it and take good care of it”. I thanked him and as soon as he left I took it apart and cleaned it and then off to range 2 days later for function check :smile:


@ValorSolo Good advice I Love my Upla or whatever it’s called, And I just recently saw someone has come out with a decent loader for the pmr finally.


I just saw something the other day for 22, similar to the uplula, but can’t seem to find it now.
Might be the same as what you saw. If I do manage to see it again, I’ll post it here.


American Speed Loader! CMR and PMR Magazines 30 rounds under a Minute !
I gotta have’ to save my thumb and the old ladies bandaids .


Well … wow. Do you remember the feeling you had when you met the love of your life? She’s not that good but she definitely leans in that direction.

I’m talking about my Hi Point 1095ts - yes, really.

I ran 25 rounds of S&B 180 FMJ through her before cracking her open this afternoon. Target holes fired off hand at defensive distances and irons - representative of my efforts so excellent.

Definitely worthy of my approval, and deserving some attentiveness. Thanks to High Tower Armory, HiPo’s makeover was a success.

Here she is dressed in her Wilson shoulder cover:

Here she is flashing her muzzle - yep, HiPo is definitely a dirty girl:

She’s not modest. Here she’s ditched the Wilson cover and is baring it all in front of 50 freshly punched holes. To be fair, I should mention that the SeeAll definitely needs a riser - it’s currently making sighting on a factory Sub 2000 seem simple.

Just 75 rounds on HiPo today, but I like her.

As an aside … I did my shooting at Shiloh on the north side of Houston 'cause it’s near my gf’s house. They refused to accept payment and told me they’d rather see me back at IDPA once in awhile - so when I get comfortable with her we’ll do a lil gaming.

Day wasn’t quite 100%. She had a failure to feed the last round of mag 1while she was still dressed in black. I’m not thrilled by the mag - the rounds seem shy rather than proud. HiPo in Black measured a 6lb trigger pull. I still need to adjust trigger in her Desert Sand duds but she’s measuring 9 to 10lbs. I will install the MCarbo trigger spring after adjusting and running a bit.


Very nice! I like the look of it a lot. If/when they come out with double stack mags, and they’re reliable, I’d be interested in getting one. Especially in 10mm or 45, that would be a unique and hard hitting carbine.


Gun #10 is a 10/22. Saw a great deal for a 10/22 for $180 and mentioned it to a coworker, and he offered to match it. It’s used, but in great condition, and of course saved on shipping/tax/transfer.

Planning on the High Tower Armory P90 conversion, hopefully soon. I do like the classic look, but the 90/22 would be a blast