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Your Newest Firearm


Try Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore, they have a very large selection of Police trade ins.


Picked this up after work today and already slapped a tapco stock on it with the pistol grip.
The original stock has some weird count on it…maybe a body count? :man_shrugging: Does the H stand for head shot? Lol


@Flogrown Hit’s and Misses? Maybe they had a Barrel Recall ‘:rofl:
The new grip look’s good’:+1:


@DivaMarie that’s funny lol. Maybe so. I met the guy to look at an Upper for my first AR build and ended up leaving with this. I don’t know.:man_shrugging:


@Patriot1 Those Are Just Outstanding :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Finally picked up my P226 22LR Classic. Also in the picture is the 9MM slide I bought for it.
I ended up with basically two guns for $100 less than I could buy P226 in 9MM alone.


Thanks, I really prefer a light weight weapon. No boat anchors :joy:


Im about to hydro dip a hatfield just like that one for a friends son its his first shotgun ill post pics when i get it done


My 2 most recent. Daisy Model 99 BB gun (Top) and Sheridan C series Bluestreak .20 cal (5.5mm) (Bottom).
The Sheridan was manufactured in 1980 and I have sent a request to the Daisy museum for a specific manufacture date of the Mod 99.


heres the hatfield stock and forgrip just dipped last night turned out great


Once again, you transform a tool into a piece of art. Great work.


@HandyDave your an artist dave very nice work they will forget about monet in a few years and all they be talking about you in the art world :+1::smiley: