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@Kona well I hope they also got their ITAR as well. Otherwise they are just selling other folks guns. :grin:


Just my pocket full of change, but if you are faster with the Sig … you gotta make the move. Your stated goals are performance oriented so you need to shoot what you’re fastest shooting. That doesn’t change till you accept sponsorship.

And there are lots of less ambitious reasons to get a manufacturer’s FFL, but I think I’ll enjoy whatever Results M*CARBO offers.


@dred yes sir! I enjoy the sub but I won’t cut my legs off to make it work. :+1:t2:


@Johnksg, @Kona,
I realize that the S2K is not a Sig, but thus far i have had zero issues with my S2K. Once i added all the Mcarbo parts the biggest flaw in the S2K has been solved (the fire control group). Half the price your paying on that Sig is for the name. Think id rather have a second tricked out S2K. Also like the fact that the S2K is foldable, a feature unique to the S2K.
Let me add this edit. If i was shooting competition i may be singing a different tune. Guess im trying to say the S2K serves my purpose excellently.


I’ll take mine in 357 Sig thanks. Or 10MM. lol


Just started my AR 10 build. My Aero Precision Urban Decay M5 build set just showed up. Put an 18 inch stainless fluted barrel on it tonight. Now to save up for the rest of the parts.


Picked up some new ones in the last few days.



I don’t recognize the wood stock folder … what ya got?


It’s a Hatfield 12 gauge that I plan on doing some modifying. I’m going to cut the barrel down to 18.5 inches so the total length remains above 26 inches. I also plan on doing some inletting so it folds in closer together.


I have had no serious issues myself with the sub (I don’t break my toys like @Kona does!). I actually like the fundamental qualities the S2K brings to the table, namely length and weight.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect Sig, and there is a reason their products are everywhere…but I am just not “In love with MPX”.

I don’t want an AR sized PCC, I want it small and light, nimble and fast, simple and reliable. No AR charging handles!

I think the basic S2K concept can be taken so much further if the folding aspect eliminated. :grin:


Just got a full size X change kit for my compact P320. Check out the full size slide on the compact grip module! Awesome! 5 mags and the X change kit for $431 shipped. :kissing:


I got the 9MM X-Change kit for my P226 22 Classic.


my h&r 410


Exactly what I plan on doing!!!


@Violentmarauder I knew it was. My 410 is that way originally.


Police trade in Smith 686’s are available for $600…4" barrel length too. On my list of “guns to get” too.

As an officer I kinda like the idea of inheriting a former service revolver (though who was still using revolvers, much less a 686?). But new obviously has some advantages and no wear.

JK already sold out. Oh well haha


Added the SA Saint AR 5.56 pistol to the collection. Since this pic I have mounted up and dialed in Vortex Sparc AR optics on both Saints. Very nice redots for the money. I like the rubberized coating on the optic.
Saint Edge AR pistol


Saint AR pistol- I will mount the SB tactical arm brace to this-

SB Tactical arm brace-

SB Tactical Arm brace Done!


@Patriot1 Good looking pistols. I’m building an AR pistol in .300 BLK myself and probably the hardest thing was finding an arm brace that I liked or looked like a rifle stock (SBR) and came across this from Gear Head Works, 2 1/2" LOP adjustment with push of a button, comfy on the arm (cheek), no rubber and no velcro.


Thanks! As long as its ATF compliant you should be good to go. I am sure it is for it to be sold as an “arm brace”. Personally I really like the adjustability of the SB stocks which do state on the packaging ATF compliant. The adjustable rail system lets me shorten the pistol quickly for backpacking, camping or just concealment.



Box says ATF Approved. :+1: