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Your Newest Firearm


I’ve seen aftermarket stocks with the ability to accept AR style magazines, but I was hesitant to spend more money on it given the poor initial performance. Now that it looks like it wants to be a shooter… we’ll see. You are correct though, that is not it’s best feature. I hate to give up that cool camo paint job, I’m pretty proud of that for my first time :wink::rofl:


Just did a spring kit and polish job on my SP101. one word AWESOME



I have heard of others who have also modified their SP101’s with great satisfaction from the results.

Makes you wonder why Ruger doesn’t just offer those changes in an upgrade model.


they would charge to much for the upgrade. for under 20 bucks you do it your self. and do a better job


Finally took delivery of the 1955 Garand, Service Grade: Parts Correct CMP purchased back in 2004. Got the CMP case, certificate, manual and owner sent me a few extra clips. Stock is a SA stock with 1/2" DAS and the serifed P stamp. A few minor handling marks - small nicks that a small amount of boiled linseed oil can’t handle and hide nicely. I really like the reddish look the walnut stock has.

Blanks. Practicing loading.

I feel fortunate to own, hold and look forward to shooting this piece of American history.



That’s why the ‘aftermarket’ companies are booming…


What a beautiful firearm with some history to boot. Congrats on your purchase, happy shooting!
Thanks for the pics



Other than very minor changes (grips, or painting the sights as needed), I don’t modify my guns. However, in a trusted gunsmith’s hands, I would be willing to have more modifications done. Obviously, if Ruger was doing the changes and offering the upgraded model (at presumably a higher price), I would be first in line to buy the upgraded model, even if it was a couple of hundred more.

It is fine if you want to make the changes yourself and save the money, but that is not my interest or approach.



Absolutely beautiful! That gun is a piece of art! Enjoy!


Thank you, I keep getting up and going to my basement and fondling this firearm. It has soul.


Thanks! Yes I’ve been seeing the proper technique and getting acquainted with the M1 Garand.

Been practicing it so its been a very easy firearm to learn how to load and easy enough to avoid the M1 Thumb. I look forward to shooting it!


Just picked up a little savage mark II bolt 22lr and i finished dipping stock tonight


Also finished my NEF 410/45lc survivor rifle other day its a dark pine forest film i dipped in and hand painted the lettering with the blaze orange


nice work my friend looks very profesional


Serious cool factor - mess with the snake and you’ll feel the fangs!


Nice Garand. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. You might think about joining GCA, Garand Collectors Association. They have a decent magazine that’s all things Garand and lots of ads from people whom specialize in Garands. It’s another source of info on Garands.


Locked up VP9SK, visited today for a little fondling


Just picked up my Tac 13…a fine weapon. Looking forward to range time.
“Back in Black”



Very cool, indeed!


Just picked up this new Ruger American Ranch yesterday for my little boy’s birthday. (His first center-fire). It is a 5.56x45 (NOT .223!) and sports a 16" barrel. The stock is very short by design (almost a youth stock). The bolt has three locking lugs instead of two and Ruger copied the Savage accutrigger and barrel nut. Its topped with a vortex 4-12x40 scope and with bipod, sling, case, butler creek lens caps, and cheek rest all for about $720!