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Your Newest Firearm


@Johnksg Ahhhhh…:joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Among all the gems, that’s the true Jewel. Anywhere and in any company, that will be an exceptional compliment to how wonderful your wife most obviously is. :star_struck::clap:



I most certainly agree.


I put a P226 Classic 22 on layaway at Bud’s. Had to use layaway because I’m going out of town for work and wouldn’t be able to receive the gun from my FFL. But I’ll have the 9mm X-change kit coming in the mail by the time I get back home and the 22lr is delivered.

Had a P226 9mm years back and really loved that gun. Someone else decided they wanted it worse than they thought I did.

It’ll be roughly $100 cheaper buying the 22 and the X-change kit than just buying the 9mm. And it’ll go really nice with the p226 mags I shoot in my S2k and Taurus G2c.


Bought the barrel yesterday, got an amazing deal on a Balistic advantage 8" premium barrel and a tool craft bolt carrier. Decided the extra practicality of the 8" barrel was the way to go.


I have always wanted a M1 Garand,
Picked up a Post War 1955 Springfield Armory CMP Correct.
I did not want the WW2 serial since I plan to shoot mine quite a bit and rather not worry 'bout paying more for the WW2 serial. I’ve already researched how to load it so I don’t get the Garand Thumb. LOL

I’ll enjoy owning and shooting it. Here’s a pic from the auction:



Wow! That is a beautiful rifle! And the condition looks excellent!

Great find!

Hope you enjoy it for many years to come.


Thanks JohnB! I think I got very lucky.

Its enroute but won’t be able to pick up till next week, Going to feel like a LONG wait before I can bring it home.
In the meantime I’m researching how the M1 Garand operates, disassembles and looking for m2 ball ammo and additional clips.


Inherited one from my father’s collection. Shot it for the first time at 10 yrs old. It’s when I learned how much less recoil can be from a semiauto vs a bolt action. It’s one of the reasons my current hunting rifle is a Browning BAR Safari in 300 WSM.
Forgot to mention, that was the same year my father also had me shoot a Winchester mod 70 bolt action in 30-06. The Garand I fired from a standing position, recoil not bad. The mod 70 I shot from a bench, it slid my chair back several feet. Still hit the bullseye though.


just remember, everyone well 99% of normal people have been bit by a garand at least once. me, twice(lefty and a lil slow sometimes) It happens when you push the magazine follower down with your thumb, and the bolt is sitting on the follower instead of latched back. (you can tell by protrusion of the bolt)

lest bit of inattention and you will get bit. hard to out run the bolt.garand%20thumb
keep your right hand flat against the gun, with the charging handle resting against the back edge of your hand, move the follower with left hand/thumb. it will never ever bite your thumb like this… Beautiful firearm by the way.



All I can say is OUCH!!!


and may it be a long and bright future and healthy one too @jeffing65


Although not technically “new” I traded for this Savage model 11 Hog Hunter in .308 about five years ago, after hearing several guys rave about the accuracy of the new Savage accu-triggered rifles. I was really disappointed in this gun after the first trip to the range it basically shook apart from recoil, scope, scope mount, bolt handle, even the stock was loose. After some half hearted servicing, back to the range but it never would perform so I put in the safe for a five year timeout. I was disappointed and just didn’t have the time or interest to spend on it. I broke it out the other day and decided I’d give it one more go and if it didn’t perform it’d find a new home. So new scope, new rings, complete disassembly, cleaned, stripped, stock painted, thread locked and torqued on reassembly.

Took it to the range yesterday to sight it in, forgot the targets :roll_eyes: I only had one left in the range bag, but made the best of it.

The holes in the circle were the final five shot group @100yds. I ran out of daylight and clean target space but I think it’s a good start, some fresh targets and another couple hundred rounds down range similar to those last five and it may have a permanent home. Truth be told I’m not sure what the problem was originally but I’m pretty sure it was the new camo paint that straightened it out :rofl:


Twice cause I’m a lefty.


CMP rifle. Yeah pinched my left hand a few times.


Beautiful M1 Garand.

Mine’s on its way, will be a while. Looks like a good rule for these rifles to prevent the Garand thumb is to always make sure that bolt is all the way back and not just resting on the follower and control the bolt with the back of your right hand or your right hand when pushing in the clips or individually loading rounds.

I have a SA M1A from the late '80s but of course this is loading from the top as opposed to me never having the need to actually put my hand in there as often.


Just ordered my first shotgun, Mossberg 500 Field/Security combo with wood furniture. $290 before tax and FFL, about $325 all in.


Just picked up a ruger police service six 1977.


I have that rifle in .223, and i love everything about it, except the blind magazine.


im right handed but shoot with left its the only thing i do left handed and only rifles and shot guns pistol goes into right hand its because i cant see through scopes or sights with right eye


thats for nothing cost ya 700 to 1000 euro mabe more here