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Your Newest Firearm



You sir, are definitely living the good life!

And, putting your money where it really counts!

I love the Walthers and want the Blasers.


@johnksg you’re not a drug traffickers mule or something are you? Those shotguns start around $4000 playa…


@Kona actually $3800 for the field grade…

No I am rolling in that retired teacher and VA money! Lol😂

Honestly I just don’t spend much $$ during the rest of the year…have pretty much all I want out of life. :grin:


Just picked up a Snek-15 lower (pics taken in the gunshop parking lot), will be becoming a 300 black out pistol.


bein in South Cakalakee , I unnerstans the wordin mos perfect like. M R Snek…



Another great build, for sure. I look forward to seeing your completed project!


Thanks, debating between a 6" range toy to convert $ into obnoxiously loud noises and muzzle flash, the barrel is too short and will burn out a suppressor fast so would be a loud mode only gun, or something more practical with an 8 or 9 inch barrel and eventually pick up a can for it and run it as a dedicated suppressor host.

If i go the 6" route it may end up bright yellow with the roll stamp color filled…



I dont know why I ‘always’ think a ‘rifle’ when BLACKOUT 300 comes in play??? Too much ‘old school’ thinking, I guess? This set up would definitely be a cool range toy! If it were ‘me,’ I would go ‘practical’ first. I don’t have ‘extra’ money to throw at my toys… I kinda like the longer and more accurate toys. Having a dedicated supressor, even though tax stamp route expensive, sounds more enticing to me!


@Chris19d I went with a 10" on my 300BO chris.19d. dedicated suppressed. what you just stated was the reason.


@Chris19d If the funds are there and you have enough practical tools, I vote for loud and obnoxious .



I nornally go for practicality, but i do enjoy having silly range toys. For example a 500 SW magnum revolver is on my list of things to buy this year. I may just have to flip a coin on this…


Just picked up my new Arex Rex Zero compact to go with my Rex tactical. Bottom of pic is newest member of the family.
I love these Arex pistols. They are some sweet shooters and beautifully made.



Man, seems like you have ‘toy money’ to burn? Lol A 500 SW magnum sounds very painful to shoot? It would definitely be a conversation ‘piece?’ I have to admit it would be a ‘fun’ toy to own. Guess with all of that firepower, it doesn’t matter how accurate it is? lol It will definitely drop whatever it hits, for sure! Maybe one could build a 500 SW Gatlin??? I cannot remember ‘the family’ that builds the ‘biggest’ military guns that a soldier can singularly handle? I am sure there is a ‘civilian market’ if the price tag is not too extraordinary??? big smiles!


@d.kaufman2154 I swear I’m getting a Rex Alpha. #1 on my want list!


The Alphas look great as well. I fell in love with the rex zero 1t that when i seen this one for sale it was a no-brainer. I absolutely love these pistols. I shoot the Arex just as well as my 1911 which is lights out.


I’ve seen the Snek color filled, it’s pretty sweet.

My .300BLK pistol (all from PSA) is an 8.5" barrel, which is a nice length. About as short as is practical. Haven’t gotten a dedicated optic zeroed in or tried anything longer than 25 yards though. Gotta figure out if I can install my Law Tactical folder on the pistol tube though…

(If you really wanna annoy people at the range, do a 6" 5.56 barrel and put a brake on it. Cheaper to shoot and gonna be stupid loud haha).


@TheThreeLaws got that right, 6" heats up quick, and if she get hot enough to chain fire a full 30 rounder, you will see em clawin their way to the big muffs…


i want you to adopt me for next xmas :joy:



What I see and feel looking at that list is so much more than the sum of the list itself.
As some of you know, Throughout my life I received guns as gifts from my 6th bday until the end of high school. multiple Rem. 870’s, 700 ADL and BDL rifles .223 .243 several 30/06, 1894 Win.32spl, old Rem pump 22’s etc.
I believe a good firearm is a more valuable (not monetary), more beneficial, ever giving, entire lifetime enhancing gift than any with only rare exception. Of all the things I have been given in my life, everything from pocket knives to a 1977 Jeep CJ-5 “Levi Strauss” Renegade and more, the guns have by any means of measure given more and been a key part of a larger percentage of the best times of my life than nearly anything. The hunting, outdoors, seeing more of the world, all the skills and life lessons. The responsibility of having absolute power and control over life and death, literally at your fingertip. To understand, respect and have compassion for all life. To be humble, grateful, thankful, and honor those animals we ask to bare the sacrifice, with all deserved respect to the place and rank they hold in THE world not OUR world.
@Johnksg The " Self Reliance In A Modern Age" that I use everyday.
That is but some of what I believe is to be gained from that one single gift. How many others can claim so much?
And of all those gifts, after 48 years, many of the guns I still have, use, and will continue to use on into the unforeseeable future.


Picked up my Henry today! And it’s beautiful. The octagonal barrel and brass finish are awesome, and the brass bead front sight is nice and visible. Action is very smooth. Pictured with my NAA Pug .22.