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Your Newest Firearm


Stainless definitely looks great on an ar!


Yes it does. Nice setup. Thanks for Sharing!


@dred Very sexy AR you’ve got there. A buddy and I have been talking about building matching AR’s chambered for 300 Blackout. They share everything with the 5.56 except the barrel, so you can switch back to 5.56 in just a few seconds and have some cheaper fun at the range. In Florida, you need .30 cal minimum to hunt deer, which is why I think the 300 Blackout is becoming more popular. You can switch calibers quickly, so it’s like 2 guns in one, especially if you already have AR 5.56 uppers on hand.


@JBoz_7even … thanks. And I agree. I was not interested in adding an AR in 556 until I picked that one up to deliver it to my gf. I really like the build and its focus even if I’m skeptical about the muzzle device.

I did build a 300 BO pistol (8.5" barrel and sb3 brace) earlier this year. I can’t run that upper on the new lower 'cause it won’t be stamped. But … I’ve done a lot of flirting with the idea of a 6.5 Grendel build and now I have a home for a 6.5 upper.

The reason I’ve been so resistant to putting the AR platform into my collection is now taunting me. My tinkerer is actually twitching visibly as it tries to contain a new found enthusiasm. And my plans for an RDBc will be harder to launch since the “need” is now satisfied. I’m thinking I will shop glass for a 6.5 build before deciding which way to steer the collection. Creedmore was a done decided path before I got this Grendel option to consider again.

I am doing some form one builds and adding a Hightower High Point 1095 and a M-sub 2000 before opening my eyes to shop long range glass.

All that typed out without admitting I’m soooooo weak that I already have an Ambi charging handle and 5 clear Lancer 20s inbound for the 223 Wylde. I’m deciding between my Black Friday Nikon 4-10 , my Vortex 1-6 Strike Eagle or shopping for more glass.

First World Problems - HOOT.


How do you like the Strike eagle? I’m thinking I’ll do an LVPO when I get a .223 AR and am not sure if I wanna do the SE or step up to the higher quality Viper PST II. I don’t have any scope or long range experience so I don’t want over kill, but I do want something I won’t feel the need to upgrade after a year or two.


I love it. When I brought it home a couple years back, it was the best glass I’d ever purchased. It was the glass that completely reconfigured my philosophy. I no longer shop glass at Wally’s Mart 'cause the compromises outweigh the savings.

But I am definitely a newb in the world of glass. I am a wanna be snob that has weighed my wallet and come up lacking. In this category, the Strike Eagle is exceptional. It is currently sighting for the 10mm Mechtechsys and delivers 1" groups at 50 yards. It is clear, plenty bright and has stable, forgiving eye relief. I missed the screaming Black Friday 2017 deal on 1-8 strike eagles plus mounts but I will snatch without hesitation if PSA ever offers it again.


A year ago I got my first gun (Ruger 10/22, obviously).

And then I got S2K for SHTF scenario, and for more serious plinking. I’d say it’s PDW as well, but there is no need for that in our parts!

Well, now I started to think about hunting, so I picked up this baby in .308

Special Canadian edition Tikka T3x. What I really like about it is stainless steel barrel with Cerakote coating (I’m not a big fan of shiny guns) and the set trigger.

This girl is a bit pricey, so I put a cheap scope on her for now. Will upgrade in few months, I hope.

Took her out yesterday, it’s been fun!

75 yards:

200 yards:

I’m not a great shooter, but I like to blame the scope here - it wasn’t easy to aim at this distance, using reticle for elevation adjustment.

But still - I’m pretty happy with my new Tikka!

Merry Christmas brothers! :christmas_tree:


Been eyeballing one of these for a few now, finally was able to get one at a reasonable cost


@pyr I plan on getting a pistol Kriss and bracing it :+1:t2:


Hell yeah, plan to build a sbr one day.


I’m looking at getting a Kel-Tec PF9 as sportsman’s guide has them on sale for $169 right now. Anyone here have any experience with them? I’m looking to use it for a summer time conceal carry.


@PYR … 10mm???


45 was the biggest discount, if I do another lower down the road in short it’ll be the 10


PYR and Kona - you guys are going to love your Kriss Vectors. Very reliable and so easy to maintain. I have both the Carbine and pistol.


Okay here is the list of family presents under the tree this year:

  1. Sccy 9mm - daughter in law
  2. Ruger 10/22 - Stepson
  3. Savage AxisII .243 - stepson
  4. Savage 17HMR thumbhole stock - son
  5. Walther PPQ 5" competition - wife
  6. Blaser F16 O/U - wife

And lots of ammo!

(I am hoping for socks and maybe a Hickory farms sausage package.):grin:



Wow! Your family must have been very good this year to get so many great presents from Santa!

Merry Christmas!


@JohnB well the wife is good! Lol

Whole family enjoys firearms and I like buying 'em. I am pretty cheap on everything else! My truck is 2000 f-150, I am still wearing the same $35 timex I bought 15 years ago, and my clothes are $19 wranglers and dickies work shirts.:grin:

Wife wanted the Blaser really badly, and she loves the Walthers…she also got one of them googly watches.

I do have good kids, I enjoy hearing their hunting and fishing stories, playing with new grandbabies and of course shooting with them at our club.:grin:

Merry Christmas to you as well sir!


Awesome! I have the PPQ 5" and I think its one of the best striker fired pistols around. The Q5 match is also up there in my opinion.

Merry Christmas!!


@goretro77 Wife is getting this as well as the Blaser…she wants to shoot more IDPA with her girlfriends next year!:grin:


And because she loves sporting clays and I love her home-made cookies!:grin: