Your Newest Firearm

Surely I jest, M1A in .308 is banned in the People’s Republic of Maryland… :unamused:

@LarrySr BTW, I like the graining on your M1A’s stock, betting that photo doesn’t do the walnut justice…


It is? Why? I thought the biggest thing is a 10 round limit.

Well then I have to buy one just to mess with my buddy in Frederick! Lol

He comes up to PA to buy real mags all the time. Rural King won’t sell guns to people from MD and NJ even. Big sign up on the fun section here. But they sell mags and everything else without any problems.


I use common sense and logic as a general rule in life, therefore I could not possibly field an answer to that question. No doubt the lib/dem douchebags in Annapolis could give you a “valid” reason, though… :roll_eyes:

You can buy an M1A chambered in 6.5CM if you like, just not .308.

As I’m also not one who appreciates being told what to do by unqualified individuals…and having a bit of a gun boner for the M1A Tanker much like brother @LarrySr, I effected a workaround…

About as close as it gets keeping things legal.


Well now I definitely have to get one. If nothing else because my buddy can’t.

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I am considering the purchase of a Ruger Max 9 or Shield Plus. Any thoughts or experience with either? I want something reliable in that size range that is already optic cut and has a thumb safety.


I have smithed on both. Nothing wrong with either, customer just wanted custom aesthetic work done. I shot and like both from a mechanical standpoint. My vote is to whichever fits yer mits!

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Three others to check out: P365, Hellcat and LC9.

Of the five I’d be partial to the Sig only because my p320xc is so, so good to shoot. That said it’s pretty big so not a good CC gun so I can’t recommend the 320xc for this.

If you’re ok with no optic try a Micro 9. Just be sure to send it back when it doesn’t work out of the box like my wife’s and don’t wait 6 years to do it (like I did). Oh and use good lube like the Moly I brought up in the lube thread.

It all comes down to fit. They’re all good guns but not all will fit your hand properly. Be sure to dry fire it too to feel the trigger. Sure you can mod a gun after the fact but it’s better to just buy one that’s right from the start.

…unless you’re like me and can’t help yourself.

Edit: my wife has a Max 9 with a Holosun and a Micro 9. Out of the box the Max9 was more reliable. That’s fixed so both are completely reliable now. The Kimber feels more solid due to the metal chassis. It just feels like a better gun. Holds a few fewer rounds, though, even with an extended clip so my advice if you get one is to shoot better.

If you’re buying it for CC the optic might not be the way to go as it add bulk and can get hung up. My wife wanted the thumb safety as well so that’s why the max9.

Of those two I’d say Kimber. A month ago I would have said the opposite but their customer service was really good when they repaired it and it’s a really solid shooter

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I have an LC9S and like it but want greater capacity and optic. Also a Canik TP9Elite SC with optic. Love it but not comfortable with concealed carry given the sensitive trigger and no thumb safety. It’s also a bit large to conceal but great for open carry.


Basically we’re telling you best of luck! Lol

Seriously, though, you need to hold a gun in your hand before you can decide what’s best for you.


And if you can, shoot it. When I was shopping for my carry gun, there’s a gun shop with an indoor range that I visited so I could test drive a few different guns. I narrowed it down to the Glock 43X and the Sig P365 beause those where the 2 that I shot the most accurately with. I decided on the P365 due to the better capacity in the same footprint as the 43


I dunno how I missed this but…


Advice taken!

Looking at adding a Zastava M90 to the lineup. Time to part with some bicycle stuff…


I peddle bicycles to keep up. :wink:. I am an equal opportunist when it comes to bicycles, tools and firearms. I love them all​:heavy_heart_exclamation:

Exactly !
I rented every .380 subcompact on the market before taking the plunge on my p238.


That’s the world’s oldest profession, pedaling your ass all over town on public streets! :grin:

Just purchased the M&P Shield Plus Performance Center for $480. I thought that was a great price + a rebate of $50 from S&W. Now just waiting for it to ship to my FFL.

I think I will need to black out the rear fiber optic sights with black FO if I am able.


I am now debating between the Shield Plus and the Equalizer. The latter is a bit larger but has an enlarged safety and a rail and optic cut is standard.


I got to fondle a brand new fresh-right-out-of-the-box CMMG Dissent today…

I never should have touched the damn thing…!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

EDIT to add: for your drooling pleasure