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Your Newest Firearm


@tlmaz Any girlfriend or wife that buys their man a firearm is a keeper! :+1:


@tlmaz put a ring on it buddy lol dangit I was wondering when I was going to run out of likes



No no no, ya see he’s getting the milk for free right now. With no ring he’s getting firearms for Christmas!..way to go Tim.:laughing:


@dave67 very good point. Who knows if he weds her she may get him 3 new guns next year


IF i were him, I would tell her its a Sadie Hawkins year, and that his dowry is quite high.(hold out for a RUGER #1 ,in 458 Winchester magnum, with 1000 rounds…but thats jus me :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


We been togerther longer than some of the people I know who have been married, over 14 years. (USAF retires).


@tlmaz nothing wrong with that brother we got a little carried away in our attempt at humor it’s nothing but a piece of paper and some rings. Sounds like you’ve got a handle on the real part of a marriage coexistence lol


No worries, Im still trying to get an allowence, lol


Thats how I knew my wife was the one for me when she bought me a pistol when we were dating!

Having a partner who shares your beliefs and hobbies is a rare and precious thing!:grin::+1:


Thanks for the advice. I just told my gf I’ll keep her if she buys me the K&M .308 Bullpup I’ve been eye’g.

I was expecting a different reaction. Maybe I should send her a link and use more emoticons?


I think you should send her this image and tell her if a Red Ryder did that for him she should imagine what a K&M .308 Bullpup would do for you.



K … so …

I have an unexpected and unplanned acquisition.

That there is an AR 15 chambered 223 Wylde. Stainless, heavy barrel with a funky, blended, perforated muzzle device. I’m gonna shoot it before I scrap the muzzle dohicky - if I’m wrong and it isn’t tuned to fill my mouth with dirt from prone, maybe it can stay.

My gf’s oldest son visited in September on his way back to VA from HI. We took him to a motorcycle run where I bought him a single raffle ticket from my prospect. I recall telling her that she better sell me a winner if she wants my vote. Well, she did and he won. Since he’s still recovering financially from two cross country+ moves in one year he decided to sell it. And … wait for it … my gf is giving it to me for Christmas with a little help from me and my pops.


@Dred And yet another girlfriend buying her man a firearm for Christmas, ya gotta love it.:gift::christmas_tree: Looks like a nice piece.


@Dred a big👍 brother! (I am all outta likes again).


@dred I built my AR around .223 Wylde. Excellent choice sir!


Modding the Sub2k was so much fun that I wanted to do it one more time. Was going to find an FDE Sub2k but came across the Patriot Brown one in G17 9mm.

Day 1 (today): All factory Patriot Brown next to its Heavily modded OD brother.


I’m liking that Patriot Brown. Enjoy. You gonna build it the same?


Thank you. Yes I will, the OD was fun to mod and so much fun to shoot thanks to Mcarbo and RL, so yes the Patriot Brown will have the same mods in the future.


@Dred "Fess up! You showed her The Christmas Story Pic didn’t you?


I dig it. Kinda want my first 556 rifle to have a stainless barrel, stand out just a bit. 223 Wylde does seem to be the way things are going, a nice hybrid chamber