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My new revolver. Ruget gp100 6 inch


Just decked out my Kel Tec RDB. The Vortex Sparc Red dot sight and Tacticon 45 degree BUIS were ringing the gong at 200yds. The VISM SRT series Gen 3 scope was on the money at 300+ yds and I matched the laser up to the BUIS so low light wasn’t a problem. All 3 items are very well made and could take some banging around. The Tacticon BUIS were rock steady. A combat vet owned company also. It came with the front sight tool, which was a nice touch. The foregrip is a Hera CQR and very comfy all the way to the front for longer arms. It was a bit awkward to grip moved further back on the rail so no room for a light underneath. Probably not bad for shooters with shorter pull and would give enough room for the light. I filled in the hole on the pistol grip with an A2 pistol grip plug from Amazon. Several companies from $3-$7. There is a slip on grip coming also. Been fiddling with different ammo and the adjustable gas. Any thoughts on optimal ammo (5.56 v .223) (55gr v 62gr)? This was enough add-ons for now


A review of the SCCY 9mm

My wife just brought home another of these pistols as a Christmas gift for one of the daughters. By my count that makes the 3rd one this year (that I know of).

I thought I would check it out and post a review for the brotherhood.

1. Price - the local bimart has been selling them for $199.94! Now that is one heck of a price for a 9mm that comes with two magazines, changeable floor plates, and a trigger lock. But is it any good?

2. Performance - at close engagement distances of 7-15 yards the wife can shoot respectable 2-3" groups consistently. It is a heavy, and looong double action trigger pull averaging around 9lbs; but it is not necessarily a bad thing. With no external safety that heavy trigger pull gives some of the women in the family a sense of safety when carrying a round in the chamber.

I do NOT like how long the reset is! I can easily see short stroking the trigger in a panic situation. Good news is it is a DAO so you can just pull the trigger again!

3. Ergonomics - here is why the women in my family buy these pistols. They are extremely light, 15oz empty, fit the hand well and are not “snappy” to shoot! Women dress different than men. This little gun will not ruin the lines of their outfits or weigh down their purse. With 10+1 rounds of good 9mm it is a comforting choice over some of the more popular .380 and .22 options.

4. Made in USA - the Sccy started out in Florida, and is currently relocating to TN. The construction and finish of this little pistol is actually pretty good! There is no “Glock” hog-nosing and all of the gaps are consistent.

5. Reliability - wife has shot a few hundred rounds through hers without a single issue. There are some pretty nasty torture tests of the Sccy on YouTube that leaves me to believe it is pretty rugged!

6. Accessories - not much out there, but then again you don’t need much. All the ladies in my family like the Alien Gear IWB cloak for concealed carry…works well and is light weight!

Now the wife is a highly competitive shooter. She has no problem bringing home a $5,000 over under or having a custom FN15 built to her specs…but she keeps buying and carrying these little “beater pistols” for the kids because they are simple, accurate, reliable, and cheap!

As she says, its not all bad to have a gun you don’t care much about, but can depend upon, one that if need arises you can sacrifice.:+1:

My LEOs like @Kona would call this a “drop gun” even my 6’5" son in law who is an absolute gun nut and has a huge collection of high value pistols carries one in his back pocket on his garbage route.

Is it possible to have cheap and good?


2 days! Lucky devil. My Yugo took a week to get out all the gunk packed in it. A year later there would still be a little bit bubbling out of some nook or cranny when I warmed it up at the range. Snagged it around the same time as you for $149 at Dunham’s and regret not buying 2 (or more). Replaced the firing pin with a new spring set from Murray’s Gunsmithing and otherwise left it alone. Never had a jam. Decent furniture with a couple initials scratched in it from some poor conscripts. I think that both the Chinese and Yugo look cool as hell.


I’d rather save up just a bit more and see them get into a Ruger LC9s. Fantastic little 9mm with a MUCH better trigger than the long, heavy trigger on the SCCY. It also has a manual safety for those who wouldn’t feel “safe” with a lighter trigger on a carry piece :+1:


There was a sale at the base exchange, bought 3. Henery 22 large lever, ruger 10/22 and my second S2K, multi mag version, (Bretta 92 mags) and a Sig 365.


Must be what you’re telling the wife - you listed four. I guess the 365 should be plenty easy to keep out of sight.


Lol, not wife but girl friend, 3 Xmas ago she bought me an AK.


@tlmaz Nothing says Christmas like a good ole firearm, you have a good woman there. My sisters husband just bought her a Browning Citori 725 Field 12ga. for Xmas.:christmas_tree:


Just returned from the LGS with a Ruger LCPii. Gift for my son. Measured the trigger pull and got an average reading of 4lb. 14.8oz. Not to shabby. I like the last shot slide hold open feature, beats the hell out of my Kel-Tec P3AT. May have to gift myself one now.


I love my Ruger LCP II. Such a cool little improvement and a HUGE improvement over the earlier versions, especially the Kel-Tec P3AT they originally copied. :+1:


I like my Taurus-the two things it doesn’t like is: steel case ammo and reloads for some reason…


My Saint is home. Picked it up yesterday from my local gunsmith. Fit, finish is everything I could ask for. Looking forward to some range time when the weather breaks. Nicest Christmas gift ever from my wife. Plus (5) 30 rnd Pmags.


Great score there Patriot1! Quite a CO you have there. Bet that will cost you a year’s worth of chick flicks and coed mall crawls. Looks like it might be worth it though. My wife and daughters were seriously into the “Night of the Saint” series when it came out. Good campaign, great group of ladies and a fine product. Good luck with your new bang stick!


Don68, Wedge:

I had the original LCP, it was pretty good. The LCP II is a big improvement over the original LCP. And, you can find 7 shot magazines for the LCP II, too.


I just wanted to say thanks to Chris and his team. That ruger spring and trigger kit is top notch. His video long but dam thorough. I been shooting and tinkering for years and it’s nice to have a place that puts the right products together to help you achieve the results your looking for right out if the gate.

My gp100 is so nice I can hardly put it down

Perma grin!!


Hey there like you I am a fellow Sccy lover if you want to know what to upgrade you can shorten the trigger and the pull check out Galloway Precision.com they make some spring kits and things like that good luck


if we all had a wife like yours the world would be a safer place @Patriot1


My Evil Roy is home. It landed exactly the day after the Toy Run. It was always a potential keeper. And, I’m sorely tempted. As delivered the action glides like a 1000 round Marlin; it is almost scary smooth since I know they aren’t actually machined to tolerances this perfect.

But, in the Spirit of Christmas, I informed a friend who has a new business, who is building on his new property, and who has given freely to support our club that he needs to make room in his safe for a rifle he cannot sell. He also happens to have a 3 yo son named Wyatt. I hope Wyatt earns the rifle, but his older sis is already a crack shot with her pink cricket, so …

I’ll get a picture before weeks end.


will my excellent girlfriend bought me an early xmass gift. a new walmart special, single shot 20 GA. (made by Hatfield) 99.00 + tax.