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Your Newest Firearm


I would agree with you on the AK we were tought that when I was in the army when we were training with non NATO weapons for weapon familiarization. There is literally nothing that stops the stamped versions from going bang they run well dirty unlike the machined versions that have better tolerances.


@Craig75 there was a point in time were the soviets simply could not make stamped receivers due to some problems in the supply chain.

The AK was designed from the start to be a stamped parts gun, just like the Germans STG. :astonished:


I took a couple of pictures of my new to me Model 60


i am fully aware of that john but thanks for trying to point me in thr right direction we carried soviet ak’s for about 6 months to familiarize ourselves with them it was part of our training when i was in the army. We got taught the history of them as well they were captured ak’s from the Vietnam era and all Australian infantry used to train with them👍


@Craig75 Not sure I was pointing anyone in any direction?

I like AKs a robust weapon that works well and is accurate as you need it to be out to 300yards!:grin:


You definitely don’t want to be on the wrong end when they go bang the ones we were using I think they were not that accurate to the 300 yard distance unless in very capable hands I would have said out to 100 yards. I think the best part is their robust construction and they just keep going under adverse conditions along with their barrel length ideal for jungle warfare. The only thing I could fault them on is I didn’t like there noisy safety


They area very formidable weapon but I would still prefer to carry a steyr with a m203 than an ak

Live fire exercises about 36 months ago


@Craig75 I am gonna stick with my glass bedded socom16 for stuff like that!

AK is a good truck gun as is the KSG for a beater, toss in the tool box weapon that will work when you need it to!

Just my honest opinion…not worth much?


I agree 100% with you john there are many more weapons I’d rather carry than an ak. Steyr, Sa80, L1A1 SLR, US AR15 m1 garand and even the french famas


But like I try to teach all of my boys…

The bolt and the scope is the weapon to go with!

Just an old Marine who actually used one…lots of bullets make lots of noise, but a small tight group is what turns me on!:grin:


Or as my youngest says, “you only need one bullet if you put it in the right spot!” :+1:


Once again I agree 100% with you in Australia the government took our semi autos away from us my collection is

4 model 70 Winchester
.243 (soon to be 6.5 creedmore)

2 custom full bore target rifles
.308 Dale with a tobler barrel
.308 omark with a madco barrel

.303 lee Enfield
. 303-25 lee Enfield

Winchester u/o 12 gauge
Winchester u/o .410

Brno .17hmr
Brno .22lr
Brno .22 wmr

I shoot competitively an have my crossed rifles my children are both awesome shots and I train the every chance I get. I was originally responding to kona in regards to pressed aks.

In a warfare situation give me an assault rifle any day I’m quite capable of letting accurate 3 round burst go. What I teach my kids is one shot one kill


@Craig75 I am so sorry your government did that to you!

In Ireland we had a saying, “when it was time to hide your weapons…that was the time to use them!”

Only worked so-so for us though…


My government can trust me In public with an assault rifle with live rounds now a civilian I can’t have a semi auto .22 it is ridiculous how pen pushes can take our liberties and freedom of choice from us


@Craig75 I struggle with this all of the time…at what point do you draw the line?

I honestly don’t know.



I have the LCP II and love it. You can get 7-shot clips for it that help improve the grip and give you the extra round, if needed. It has been totally reliable thus far.


I actually did carry a baby Browning for years. It was a backup gun which I carried in my back pocket. I normally carried my PD issued Glock 27 both on and off duty, but often in the summer when wearing just jeans and a t-shirt, it was hard to conceal. At those times the Glock would be nearby in my truck or Harley and the Browning would be in my pocket.


My wife ordered this for me for Christmas…I hope to see it by this Thursday. She also ordered (5) additional gen M3 Pmags with windows. I may consider a can for this beauty down the road. Happy.


@Patriot1 Wow, what a wonderful wife and a great gift. Please let us know all about it after you shoot it, looks like a nice piece.


@dave67- many thanks brother. I do look forward to some range time with it. And yes, blessed with the wife I have for sure. A neat video about the “Saint Edge”.