Your Newest Firearm

My turn!
Galil Ace Gen 2 in 5.45 x 39 with 16” barrel.
I’ve been waiting on this one.
Thinking of shortening the barrel to 13” for a SBR.
I’m going to order a Micro Prism ACSS and a plastic delete kit.
This is a Cadillac AK in my opinion. Love it already.


New addition to my mouse gun collection.
Beretta 21A Covert in .22LR


Basic Savage Axis in 308 Win with new style black synthetic stock. I have done a few upgrades and mods to it. I purchased a Glades Armory bolt handle with knurled knob, M*CARBO Pro Trigger Kit, EGW picatinny rail, Burris Signature Zee Rings and an Athlon Talos 4-16x40 mm scope with MK Machining parallax wheel and throw lever. I also sanded the lips of the barrel channel on the stock as well as stiffened the forend and wrist with epoxy. I also put epoxy and foam packing peanuts in the butt stock to get rid of the hollow sound of the stock and help balance the rifle.


Top, A17 #47007 heavy barrel, to get the same Boyds stock (floated also) as the A22 but in Nutmeg.
Was able to get the trigger on A17 to 4lb 3oz. (very crisp). Put FLITZ on surfaces of sear and hammer, then cycled 200 times(my left hand index was starting to question my “sanity”) Cleaned trigger group with Hornady ONE SHOT and then applied TETRAGREASE to surfaces.
Does anyone know anything about JARD triggers?

Shot 250 through the A17 today before the bolt refused to close. Time to clean chamber !!!
Happy to see the barrel’s chamber is that close.
I will do that tonight with a mop and CLP. .
After around 450 cycles with the TETRA. Then cleaned and treated with ONE SHOT again and lubed with TETRA. Cycled another 50 times.

Finished the A17 off today after receiving the BOYDS nutmeg.
Also swapped scopes between the A22. Any good reason to take both to the range.


Jard for an AR? Yes. Like them. Can make it really sweet and short. Read and comprehend the instructions before starting. The adjustable sets can be adjusted to an unsafe condition. But an excellent trigger. The Timney, EFT and Rise drop ins are a simple way to get a nice trigger. I do enjoy the adjustability of the Jard.


Good advice !!! I have been on their website and have read what you are talking about, from safety stand point.
I wanted a 1.5lb for the A17 but now that I see my pull is coming down after about 450 cycles of the trigger (removed from the action for about 215 cycles hitting my left index finger) I might give it some time to MATURE. There are TOO MANY springs inside of the trigger group for me to venture “Where not many have ventured before.” and created a video.

By the way, for those that have NEVER USED Tetragrease, shake vigorously before dispensing. The components separate while laying on the bench. It should be WHITE and creamy when dispensed…

I would really like to know of a PHLAT trigger for the A17 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :upside_down_face: :beer: :innocent:

I might dance a JIG on Biden"s death and most of the DEMS that be the case.
I have sent a communications to JARD to develop one.


How do you feel about surgery? You could cut the finger off and drill&tap a hole. Affix a new flat appendage.


My latest build, 6.5 Creemoor. Freakin heavy beast.


Coming soon… Just ordered the Staccato XC this morning.


Someone’s “Money Tree” must be in full bloom.


No tree. Had a great offer for my Staccato P and another pistol and decided to upgrade. This has been my dream pistol, I just hopes it fulfills expectations. More to come.


Just received a call from my FFL. The XC has arrived… pictures to come shortly.


This will be ordered as soon as my FFL gets back to me with the info I need.


Here it is. The Staccato XC. I like the Bull Tac Texture on the grips better than the G2 grips.


Pretty interesting how the comp is made into the barrel :thinking:. It is not threaded, but the barrel and comp are one piece.


Cleaned, oiled, and ready for the range.


Any one here know much about these GForce Arms brand of shotguns made in Turkey? Other than being appallingly cheap, I know not very much about them. Have read the early models had crappy triggers and the action bars were quite gritty. Internals were woefully un-finished. Plastic trigger guards and such. But @ $129-150 each you could buy 4 or 5 for the cost of a nicely tricked-out Mossberg 590. I got a hankering to have a backup pump to my Beretta 1201fp (which kicks like a freakin’ mule!). Any thoughts?


I have worked on a lot of European shooting irons that carried fancy names, but were built in Turkey by one of those emerging brands. The Turks have been making guns for other “makes” for quite a while. If you are not requiring a “Made in America” firearm I would recommend a Turkish one. I have been surprised at the lack of finishing of all sorts of big names. Sometimes if the manufacturer puts their own name on the product, it has a bit more pride taken in production. Any and all new firearms should be completely disassembled cleaned and lubed before initial range time. Almost all of the “maintenance” I have performed on the Turkish built guns was deep cleaning and fine polishing. At that price point you could afford a lot of cleaning supplies and time spent no mater what your pay scale is.


That’s a pretty tasty looking pistola. Do like it better visually without the light but I get function.


Only downside about Turkish shotguns is spare parts. My LGS hates them, unable to make repairs when customers bring them back. And the factories make un documented changes not reflected on parts lists. Knowing this going in may help with your decision. You could always buy 2 for that price and you will have a complete set of spare parts!
(But buy a second one in a year and the parts may all be different). Just my opinion, mostly anecdotal plus based on my Boss 25. Buy one and report back, or spend 2K on a Benelli!