Your Newest Firearm

My 1/2 don’t get into 12 ga much anymore, not that she ever did love them. I picked up a 20 gauge Mossberg semi auto yesterday that I had ordered for her. It’s a 5+1 .

I guess me with a 12 ga 8+ and her with with a 20 ga 5+ we pretty much will destroy the inside of the house as well as anybody that’s crazy enough to break in. :wink:

Hopefully we won’t shoot each other at the same time. :rofl: :rofl:




Sound advice Larry. :grinning::rofl:


I know, funny it came to my mind. Two old shi$$ getting up in the middle of the night investigating loud strange noises. :wink:

Probably destroy half the house and the bad guy get AWAY. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



So as must who have taken any time to read ANY of the stuff I post, I offer this’
A friend of minr of 40 years or so lives in Columbus along with many members of the forum.
In dealing with helping him become a better shooter lately I have purchased some .17HMR ammo for him.
After the purchase ofr some 1200 rounds I walked into Walmart and found MORE .17HMR.
He, after spending near $4,000.00 in the past month on fire arm related items said “NO MORE …”.

Well, now I have 600 rounds of useless A17 ammo . So I thought how is the best way to get rid of it.

I pondered for 3 days and came up with a solution. A solution that narrowed my choices to a A17 or Ruger Precision Rimfire.

I bought into the bolt action and became a daddy to one. A Ruger Precision Rimfire.
Now I am waiting on Primary Arms to get my 4x14x44mm illuminated FFP scope to me so I can see if I might be able to hit anything with it.

Most of you know I do not like to let things just lay around.
I adjusted the trigger down to 2lb 5 ounces.
Then thought let’s get the Dremel tool and Flitz out and go to town. Ruger is handy enough to tell you how to remove the trigger group, So WHY NOT !!! (Well they say after 1000 rounds the trigger assembly might need cleaned). In my mind, I already have AT LEAST that many rounds through it.
After the polish on the fire pin/sear surfaces and oiling with super lube oil and tetra grease I
now have a .17HMR Ruger that has a trigger that moves about 1mm and cracks with 1 1/2 pounds.



Well then, we might just have a fresh thread for you…and a new member to chat with… :+1:


if i had the money id like the FN Ballista in 338 lapua or 308/7.62 nato but its been discontinued


I got to shoot my Springfield Sa-35 today. A clone of the Browning Hi Power.
I loved it. It’s like a mini 1911 in size and weight. I did not check the trigger pull feels about about 5-6 lbs.
i did notice the reset length seemed a little long. After shooting the SA35 I fired my MilSpec 1911. The reset length is fairly short on the 1911but my Beretta 92 was similar to the SA35.
The angle of the grip felt really good. Seemed more natural cant.

This is my 2nd load of 10 rounds.


Received the PA scope.
Might get a little closer to POA


Other wise known as a AS20. HAHAHAHhAHhAHAH

At 50yds OFF HAND 4 inches …
Renington HV slugs

Some of the 8 rounde dumps @ 25 trs, off hand.


I just got to see one of these in the flesh today at the range…one of the young RSO’s picked one up. Feckin’ beauty, it was. I didn’t shoot it put it he did and it sure was a good looking piece. Accurate, too.

Oh, and happy range day to me! Feels like a feckin’ eternity since last visit…my shirt and hat are salt encrusted, I’m sweaty, smelly, sun-baked and tired…and blew a couple of Benjamin’s in ammo …but boy was it a gooder! Gonna sleep like a newborn baby tonight!


I received my Primary arms 4x14 40mm ARC 2 MOA Saturday. Mounted it and went to the range early and shot this @25yds.

The right target was my sight in and the center was 10 rounds.

I noticed the sight in indicated to me the scope was canted…
Reset the scope and went to range again. took a level with me to check how the target was hanging. 5 shot sight in and then wanted to check my mount by shooting the center right larger bull.
.Measured the distance between that bull and the upper right bull and it was an even 50MOA (12.5" @25yds. held the 50MOA Box on that first hit and used that as my ranging tool and took the second shot…

Liked the results and was looking forward to a great afternoon when the “ditzzy” factor showed up. 2 FEMALES showed up and started shooting an AR style 22lr. They were dressed to kill but not dressed to shoot. Started spraying bullets everywhere but at their target @15yds.
The results confirmed my scope is mounted pretty plumb.

The center target was my resight in, 4 shots then a .1 moa adjustment and the single shot to the right target.

Received my brick of CCI .17HMR 17gr TNT off the UPS truck. 20 minutes later I shot these.
Nice having the illuminated reticle. The black reticle was impossible to see against the black bull.
At setting of 2 out of 6 it just filled the bull side to side


Good shoot. Do you use a sled to sight ?


I wonder why more women don’t join the forum? The answer eludes me somehow. :thinking:


Soooo “final mod”


Until the next sale at least…



No, I do not, I am not sophisticated. just rested on bag.
I mount scope using a Tipton vice and Wheeler sight mount kit with the torque wrench…


Come the day, come the hour…

…the Sarsilmaz finally arrives. She’s a big beautiful lump and fits my hand well. Think I might like this illegitimate love child of a 97b and P220… :grinning:


@chilipepper Very nice! :+1: Can you take and post a pic of the sight picture? They look… interesting.


I can try, I’m sure the auto focus will mess it up but will see what I can do. The rear is adjustable but it’s a basic 3 dot white setup, which I’m fine with.

They also make this in a “compact” model. Still a bit of a beast but with a 4.2" barrel (I think), not far off a Commander 1911. This one is has a 4.7" barrel, so somewhere between a Govt. and Commander 1911…but with 14 round mags and a pretty nice, ergonomic grip! For the money, I feel like it’s a pretty good deal.