Your Newest Firearm

Gonna finish it out in 6.5 Grendel, likely with a pencil barrel and lightweight stock and forearm. Will be strictly used for deer and varmint hunting which is why I’m trying to keep it light-I’m too old and broke down to tote stuff very far any more. Should any combat ever come this way I got more than a couple rifles with FA.

Speaking of KR, I have read his rifle sling also had a lot to do with how well he protected himself that night. Seems one of those ‘mostly peaceful rioters’ tried really hard to yank his weapon out of his hands. His sling(I forget the brand) helped keep his rifle on him and under his control. Whoever schooled him did an excellent job!


No forward assist? You thrill seeker you! Lol.

To each their own. My buddy has done a couple builds and he’s mentioned the market is shifting away from it. I would think tacticool’s see it as an un-needed accessory.

All my ARs carry a forward assist.


Savage 110 Trophy Hunter in .243 Winchester. BTW, it’s left-handed.

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Forward assist to me is fundamental to the AR. There’s a reason Stoner put that feature on the gun; The Army told him it had to be there.

You sometimes need it. But if you aren’t carrying the AR into battle or as a duty weapon it may not be mandatory. Some prefer the AR and their home defense weapon. I do not, but perhaps that’s a third use case where having a forward assist might be a good idea, given the nature of the AR operating system.

The M1 and M14 had the ability to slam the bolt forward to get the rifle into battery. So the Army wanted that on the M16. That was then and this is now. The AR pattern and ammo are both better than they were in the 1950’s and 60’s. In civilian use and with more modern ARs, you really don’t need it. It’s quick and easy to clear a FTF and get the gun into battery without it.

However… as someone mentioned it is a quiet way of getting the gun into battery when hunting.

I see it as being similar to having a thumb safety on a pistol. It’s beneficial to have it. If you don’t want use it, you don’t have to.


Agreed. Just like LRBHO. Depending on the use some features are more important than others. Some like a single shot with an exposed hammer for the same reasons.

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@garyt Welcome to the Hood’ Hazards Material fees Kill us in Old AK here, When the BIG Ammo Shortage was Still going strong.


Today I broke down the new Ruger 10/22 for the first time. Removal of the trigger assembly, bolt and charging handle were pretty straightforward although having to drive pins out for a thorough cleaning seems a little odd. Reinstalling the bolt and charging handle was far more difficult. I eventually got it together but do any of you have tips or suggestions to make the whole process easier - other than practice, of course.


Theres my fully assembled remington 700 ‘magpul’ 20" fluted barrel chambered in 6.5 creed.

Accessories are magpul pro 700 collapsible chassis, trijicon tenmile 4.5-30x56, timney 2 stage special trigger, aluminum pic rails, arca swiss rail adapter, precision armament severe duty muzzle brake, sling mounts, atlas psr bipod and monopod, accuracy solutions ‘bipodext’

The build weighs a nice 18.75lbs loaded


Got to the range today with couple new shooters

Zastava ZPAP AK . Put bullets in the magazine, put magazine in gun, pull trigger, bullets come out the end every time. 12" offhand pattern at 100 yards. What can you say, it’s an AK…

Citadel Boss 25 started with the heavy piston, needed some break in, switched to the light piston, started double tapping. Pretty cool, but probably irritate the RO if I kept it up. Think they frown on full auto slug guns. Switched back to the heavy piston, same thing. Locking back on last round, not a very good group with rifled slugs and “cylinder” choke in. Comes with several chokes. Slugs only allowed at the range so couldn’t try the 00. Some investigating is in order.


I love my AK, I put a Vortex 2-7x32 on it & used it to hunt hogs where I live. It’s perfect for that, like shooting them with a 30-30.


Took the trigger group apart, cleaned/ inspected, reassembled. FCG almost identical to AR. Before I put the safety selector in checked the trigger, worked correctly. Put the safety in, Binary. 100% binary, not just hit or miss. took safety selector back out, single shot. Acting like a AR with the wrong spring in the disconnector. Called the shop, they said bring it back, they want to see. Should sell it back to them for a premium, binary FCGs are 300 bucks!


My wife bought me a new toy:

Bulgarian Circle 10 AK 74.
It will soon be wearing this furniture:


Took the Boss 25 back to the LGS, they didn’t deny it fired when the trigger was released but didn’t really want to acknowledge the fact either. Owner took it upstairs, different employee came back down 10 minutes later with it half taken apart. Said they didn’t have time but I could check it in and the gunsmith would look at it for $80.00/ hr. I said fuk that, put it back together and I’ll fix it myself. Already planning on ordering a stock conversion kit and a “Drop In” FCG from Tooth and Nail. Came back down a second time, assembled, admitted it was fuked up and said they wouldn’t charge me if it only took 15 or 20 minutes to [figure out what I did to it] fix it. They were so sure I did something to it they just wouldn’t believe it did it right out of the box. Checked it in with explicit instructions not to do anything that cost money without permission. I knew it was a cheapo when I ordered it, If they don’t want to work on it for free no big, just don’t talk to me like I’m a dumbass.


I don’t even like AKs. But if your wife picked the future furniture too - ban her from Texas.

This is just my sideways version of a sincere compliment. Seriously. Y’all make a most excellent couple. Post I’m responding to is PROOF. Even if AKs ain’t my thing, I’d shoot the one your building :innocent:!


I love those friendly “what have you done now” gun fumblers. I was taught to repair 1911s, M2, M16, and M60 by our uncle. When I walk in and they want to ‘splain it to me, my head spins. There have been a few around here with their authoritative tone. Thankfully, there are enough nice people to shop elsewhere, and just do my best to smile and nod.


Uncle’s sounding like a man with his priorities in order. :wink:


You would be more than welcome to sample my little AK collection.
They’re a little rough around the edges but great fun, like a lot of things in life. :wink:


Does she have a single twin sister that has low expectations in men? Cause, for some odd reason, I’m available.


Probably safe on this one, I suspect most women have low expectations in men…as a collective, we do have a history of performance… :rofl:


I actually think that that’s a high priority of the lefts agenda.

Just MO
Larry :wink: