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Your Newest Firearm


Have seen a lot of people talking about their little pocket .380’s but no one has mentioned the Walther PPK/S. I carry one everyday, usually in my front pocket. If carrying one of my Glocks, the PPK goes in an ankle holster. It is a great little single/double action and has never missed a beat.


I traded my Walther (Interarms) PPK/s in on my Glock 43. For me, it was just too big/heavy for the .380 payload it carried. Beautifully made pistol, though.


It is a heavy gun for its size but I like a lot of the features you don’t find on striker fired pistols. Single/double action and a decocking safety. Like you said, a beautifully made pistol except for the plastic grips.


never stops amazing me, at the similarities between that series Walther and a Makarov, it aint new, but its my work gun in 9X18


@GOBLIN, Got a friend that swears by his Makarovs. I’ve never had the chance to fire one though. Is the 9x18 ammo fairly common or is it hard to find?


common as dirt. I carry mine with Hornady CD rounds. always in stock at palmetto state arm, and my LGS


Great gun. If it was good enough for James Bond “007” to use to save the world. it’s good enough for every day carry.


That “fictional character” has really stepped up his pistol game, though, and did it quite a while ago. Would you carry a Baby Browning in .25? That’s exactly what Bond did in the early days to “save the world” before Q upgraded him to the PPK in .32. LOL


@Texprep one bit of advice , I always give to those who have never owned a Makerov. if you drop it with one in the chamber,safety off,or on, IT can and will usually go bang. full floating firing pin. no spring. inertia can push it fwd fast enough to pop the primer.

just dont drop it.

and i refuse to carry on a empty chamber on a simi-auto. defeats the purpose.
call it a 380 on steroids, 9 X 18 isn’t as hot as a 9 X 19, but its a souped up 380. adjust your ammo, and it is decent. like a 9mm, shot placement is still critical… at one time they were dirt cheap. saw one at the LGS, had a 350 price tag on it. thought they were going to have to break out a defibrillator on me....... I remember when we were buying Mak's, Tork's, and SKS by the case, and doubling our money at 60 to 100$ each… and those were Red Star’s…


Bought my first SKS just before the Clinton assault weapon import ban. It was a Norinco, made in China for $60.00 at a gun show. Took 2 days to get all the cosmoline off that gun before I could fire it. Also bought 1000 rounds of steel cased FMJ for $69.00 and a composite stock for $50.00. Got a new SKS, ammo, and stock for less than $200 that day. I’ve had offers of $600 for that gun but it’s still mine. I’m one of those people that once I buy a gun, it’s mine till the day I die.


@texprep I’d love to own a pre-ban MAK90


Isn’t the MAK 90 lower made out of stamped metal like the AK? Don’t think my SKS is a MAK90 as the lower is actually a machined lower.


@Texprep they made milled and stamped MAKs. I’d prefer the stamped. From what I’ve read, AKs are more reliable in the sloppy stamped version with loose tolerances. I have no authority because I’ve never owned an AK, just what I’ve researched.


I’ve heard the same thing but supposedly the milled ones are more accurate. Only reason I bought that rifle was because the government was about to outlaw them. If the government
tries to tell me I can’t buy something, you can bet your a $$ I’m gonna get one. It is a fun rifle to shoot. Have mostly just used as a plinking gun, but have taken a turkey with it. That rifle and an old Star 30m 9mm now reside as travel trailer weapons.


@Texprep I hate that I came into guns so late. My dads a retired gunsmith and he tells stories of $60 AKs and $120 M14s and stuff. I couldn’t imagine being around during that time. I’d own so much more stuff haha


Someday your kids will be saying the same thing except they’ll say they wish they could have been around when an S2K was $350.00


Had to dig out a pic of the SKS. Had to crop it a little to cut off the serial # info. Keep photos of all my weapons with serial #'s typed on the pics in case some low life decides they want to steal them. Didn’t want to publish my serial # to the world.


@Texprep @Kona My old truck gun is a stamped MAK90 that has been heavily modified. Even today it shoots rings around my brother’s Sig AR!:grin:

Milled is not more accurate, just heavier.

The Chinese based their export design upon their RPK variants and military doctorine of heavy sustained ful auto fire. The receiver is .5 mils thicker than a standard AK.

The secret to their accuracy is the trigger, they use a double looped spring vs a single and it has the best trigger pull of any AK!

Oh to have a time machine and go back for a couple of more!:grin:


Never really understood why the receiver would make any difference. Chamber, throat, barrel, and crown are what’s always been important to me all other things being equal.


@Texprep milled receivers on AKs were basically due to problems with the russian stamping process and the weakness of the rivets.

You are 100% correct.

Has NOTHING to do with accuracy, function, or reliability! It was just a problem in the manufacturing process that somehow got blown out of proportion as “being better” (it isn’t) :grin: