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That’s what I’m hoping. The earlier frames looked like a PITA, but the Gen 2 looks very easy to do with hand tools. I’m going to drop my stock G26 upper on it and, if it functions well, the sky’s the limit! :+1:


![IMG_0142|375x500](upload://r34NDejh7gWxmrInsemi H0XovU3d5yJ.jpeg)

This is the semi completed M39F Mosin Nagant I built. The F (faux) is my designation for it, as this rifle was built from all parts I scrounged when Finnish Mosin’s were hard to find. So I took it upon myself to build my own, with a few improvements. The Barrel is a McGowan with a M39 Profile, and there turbo brake. I have a Meopta scope for it, and working on the scope mount for it. I am open to your comments and suggestions, but for the purists, as I said I know it is not a Finn, nor am I passing it off as one. It started as a $39 receiver from Classic, and a Cracked stock from Pat Burn’s.

A quick update, I scored a an M39 cleaning rod, and damn near impossible to find front band screw. it had been elusive, till a guy on Ebay was selling the ban with both the screws. Metric Fillster screw heads are not the easiest thing to come across, I had come across an allen, and ground it to size, but finding a fillster was impossible for me. So my baby parts wise is complete. Next up scoping it. The Scope is a Meopta meo Pro 4 x 14 x 44mm, 1inch scope, scope base will most likely be a Accumounts PE scope mount.


My newest addition the Kel-Tec CMR-30, I put my Vortex Strikefire 2 on top. This gives me a second pistol carbine setup. IMG_20181129_111351977%20(640x252) .


Picked up my mbx pcc yesterday.


@Matt SWEET brother!


Picked up my 9mm, STI Spartan V yesterday.

The Spartans haven’t been done for a couple years. They were the result of a several year partnership between Armscor and STI.

I’ll take it to the range this week, but it has already revealed true to class trigger awesomeness.


Baby Glock Polymer80 frame “ghost gun” complete. 100 rds of Wallyworld WWB crappo ammo and not one hitch. :+1:


@wedge it’s technically not a ghost gun once you show it to everyone! :rofl:


It’s not really a ghost gun anyway since the slide and barrel have the same serial number as the frame, as all Glocks do. But, that’s going to change soon and that’s why I took a pic of it from that side. :wink:


Who wants Koolaid? I’m just happy I brought home a pistol I love. Ran 'bout 50 rounds of 124g Winchester NATO through my Spartan. I am smiling. She’s a dirty girl:

Target not marked 'cause that’s just rapid fire from about 10 yards - no rest, no bench, no careful breathing.


Wow … I had no idea Glock serialized stuff that don’t need serialized. I hope this never makes good to know status 'cause that would indicate I’d be buying one for myself. An 80% project is always a possibility.

Did you finish with a drill press or a mill?


@Dred The Gen 2 Poly 80 kit can be done with a Dremel tool, I did mine in an hour…with an aftermarket slide and barrel there are no numbers and fully legal to own.


Free-handed the whole thing with a hand drill, Dremel, file and sandpaper.


That’s next, but wow are slide/barrel kits expensive. I already had a G26 and it has the worst stock grip out of all of my Glocks, so it got done first. Now, I want to do my G19. The G43 is fine as is.


@Wedge Lone Wolf had a Christmas sale years ago “buy a slide get a barrel free”…so I did, complete slide was about $225. Got the Gen 2 Poly 80 for $120.


That’s not bad at all. I was seeing $400+. But, building an 80% job isn’t usually about saving money anyway. I just wanted to make sure it ran well with the stock G26 frame parts kit and upper first. I’ll probably get my stuff from Brownells because I’m a customer for life and they have a lifetime warranty on everything they sell. They replaced a 12 year old set of night sights which had grown dim, no questions asked. :+1:


Was idley browsing and found a new Sig P220 Stainless Elite (.45) for about $850 all in.

I really don’t need that and probably would prefer a P226, but that seems like a very good price…


That’s a steal. I have the P220 carry and love it for CC.


I’ve got my primary carry gun, and should probably get a snub .38 for a more compact option, but…I really love the look of stainless/wood gripped Sig’s…


@TheThreeLaws don’t laugh but a lil lady smith .38 tucks in real nice to a back brace! :grin::+1: