Your Newest Firearm

Sounds to me like we have to worry about him getting more than scratches on it….
Just be sure to wash your hands too when you “put it away” for the night.


Me preparing for a range day invite to shoot @TexasEskimo’s Kimber…


Well, here I am about to make a new post.

??? “Your Newest Firearm”…???..Hmmmm :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:…???
:thinking: :thinking::thinking: … Thought Bubble:… “That’s a bit of a loaded question”! Hmmm… (Yep, pun intended)

So it looks like, to be both precise and complete (god knows this crowd doesn’t go in much for the inaccurate, open ended, and unresolved), I will be required to provide a twofold answer.

Yesterday (just couldn’t resist) I bought a new Hatsan “Escort Slugger”.

A LGS has the regular “Slugger” for 179.99, and the “Tactical” slugger for 159.99.
(Isn’t it odd? You tell me… The Tac with pistol grip, shell carrier butt stock, and Pic rail fore stock, is 20.00 less???)


  It is my "latest" addition to serve in the active firearm ranks. 

It is also my “newest” firearm, being the first “new” weapon, I have bought in quite a long time.


Nope. You will be required to provide pictures. Or, it never happened.


“Doh!!!” … Without accompanying, clear and concise, supporting photographic evidence, it is “NOT” a wolf sighting.
It was a Coyote, Coywolf, Sheep Herding dog, Hybrid Wolf/Domestic cross, lost or escaped Alaskan Sled Dog, or some other “completely misidentified” species of animal or visual effect.

RIGHT!..GOTCHA’!.. :ok_hand:
My Bad. I should have anticipated, allowed for, and provided, said corroborating support evidence.

Just because it, along with 2 others, were large, gray, each weighing at least 200 pounds… And were all running beside and “TRYING TO DRAG” both “YOU” and a deer off of your side by side…
“Does not mean or suggest it was a Wolf”.
sub note:

If you are planning to attempt taking any pictures through your rifle scope, using your cell phone,…

       " You make certain that scope isn't loaded".  ISF&G

Please stay tuned… We will be back after a short pause".


If taking a few Xanax’s help… by all means please take a short pause Jeff. :woozy_face:

Not going to say which one you bought, huh? Well then, if this is a multiple choice test, I choose 3. :thinking:

I am not sure what you have… but I certainly bet it’s hard to pronounce. :flushed:


When I first asked him about parting with it, he said… “I am not sure if I can sell it, it’s probably not registered”.
… And your honor, that’s when I shot him.



Sorry for the delay. Not used to taking and posting pics from a cell phone. Have a new phone, so I gave it a try.

Observation: Cells might cool and all, but they are still no substitute for taking pics and HD video with my Canon EOS or other similar equip. IMHO

In other business: Facts, clarifying info, and disclaimers.

I damn well know what a wolf looks like, along with all the other afore-mentioned flora and fauna. Domestic or otherwise. If it is close enough (and they were) for me to declare it’s a Wolf…It “IS” a Wolf.

My scopes are always loaded, just the same as any hardware they are mounted on.

In the future:…
I will accept no responsibility, for any free-range critter falling under a wheel while pursuing their quarry, or a sudden unplanned discharge of my scope occurring, during, or as a result of, being forced into falling back to a safe or defensive position…

“It will be completely out of my control”!


I bought the standard “Slugger” config. As a rule, I’m not a big pistol grip fan.
I am considering buying a TAC version also though, given the price.

I can take more pics, if anyone wants to see something in more detail.


But there is probably a vaccine that only works if you bow 3 times hence stick your arse in the air to receive the blessing. Complete with pictures.


Uh, are you killing prostitutes?


Apparently @TexasEskimo is killing priests…


Um…Well…I wasn’t planning on it.
But I’m guessing there are quite a few who could use a round of shots just the same.

And a person (not me) that’s inclined to fraternize with them might end up needing a shot themselves.

That’s all I’ve got. LOL


I stumbled upon an unbelievable deal today and came home with a new in the box HK VP9. I haven’t shot it yet but it sure seems nice.


Nice. :+1:

Although I don’t have any experience with HK handguns, but I am a big fan of the MP5, HK 91, 93, and 94 rifles.

I don’t see how you could go wrong with any of their stuff.


A friend has the SK for conceal carry and it’s a great pistol. I can only imagine the full length grip will be even better.


After installing the Hera and running a couple of hundred rounds through it I can tell you the length difference seems to be of some benefit. It may be slightly quieter but that blast and gases are all going forward now. The shorter one I put on initially worked well also but I think the additional length of the Hera may quiet the beast down a decibel. It looks pretty cool also.


@meplattjr thanks for the report. I might get one for my 10.5"


@Savage636 I installed a MI blast can on a 10.5…ya may take a gander at them.