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Your Newest Firearm


“Stainless Cerakote” from the link where I got that picture.

I’d seriously consider upgrading my top end if they ever offer a hard chrome version.


Interesting since I’m a new .380 owner. I love my little Kimber micro .380! I love it!


@Phoenix I have a Beretta 84FS Cheetah .380 in stainless but it’s a show piece. I’ve only shot it like twice.


I just got my first three boxes of Federal HST 99gr ammo yesterday. It’s the stuff in the video above. Can’t wait to try it out. Hope it works reliably because it ain’t cheap. I did shoot up some Winchester Silvertip and Corbon hollowpoints I’ve had for almost fifteen years already. Also ran Federal ball and Winchester White Box flat nose range ammo through it. Zero hangups with any of it.


A little goes a long way!


She’s so purdy! :+1:




I like it.


I’d like that better if at least the grips were black. Completely “stainless” looks weird.

LCP2 is under consideration still. But so is a snubbie .38 or P938. Probably not a Legion though haha


@Phoenix that is great looking. Need sun glasses to look at it.






It’s a great little pocket pistol. I’m liking mine a lot.



LOL! Rock on! :grinning:


I bought the Kel Tec PMR-30 and have the CMR-30 on the way.


I just might. I prefer my daily to be a little larger, but would be a good backup/subcompact/ankle gun.

Gotta let my wallet recover from all my recent purchases though…


I like it for the rare times I have to wear dress slacks. The G43 is just a bit too large/heavy for that. All other times, I’m in cargo pants/shorts so I have a lot more flexibility there.


Just got a SP101 the other day Waiting for my permit so i could pick it up from the gun shop.( NY SUCKS ) Cant wait to go to the range


been looking around to find one of these to check out. Honor defense HG9SCMSAG
available with or without manual safety, 3 different grip configs, 2 different barrel lengths, (3.2 OR 3.8) 9 DIFFERENT colors, in a 9mm single stack. i like the acid green…

seen em listed for $449. listed as a subcompact, stainless coated black slide and 22oz in weight.


Just ordered a Polymer 80 frame for my G26 because I hate the way the hump of the stock grip digs into my palm with that short grip. Bonus: I get to build into an eeeeevil unserialized “ghost gun”, so that counts as my “newest firearm”. :rofl:


Let me know how that process goes. Kinda don’t want a Glock, but kinda like the idea of building my own custom P80


@Wedge The Gen 2 Poly 80 kit is so much easier and better than the Gen 1, you will like it and it is fun to do.