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Your Newest Firearm

Not sure what to say, they don’t work well for my eyes.

Like the semi-buckhorn, it can be adjusted (albeit with a tool). That said, I’m not really concerned with adjustment. I’m using this gun mostly at 25 yards and using the Skinner with a larger aperture so it’s functioning more like a ghost ring. This setup is very similar to the factory sights on my Ruger PCC, a config that works rather well for me.


Like I said, just my opinion. For 25 yard work I pull a sidearm!

Here is an interesting sight, the (sort of) buckhorn on my Uberti 1866 38sp


Speaking of useless sights - I used this sight at some point:


Quick acquisition coupled with CQ accuracy

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Just picked up my latest addition to the collection. A Diamondback DB15.
First thing on the list of things to change is the California compliant grip. I’ll be replacing it with a different one without the fin.