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Your Newest Firearm


My post is right below your post talking about mounting bases


I made a trade a few days ago for my newest addition. CZ 52 7.62x25


I am looking at scooping up my next newest weapon…a Mossy Shockwave possibly tomorrow in FDE. How do you like yours? A great looking breacher by the way. Pros and cons?
Here is what I am after-


@Patriot1 black aces Tactical has the shockwave in semi auto. Just released for $450ish


Many Thanks @Kona…very cool,…I will have to see if it comes in FDE.

Bro, just saw their website! Wow! No FDE though and a long waiting list.

Thanks again!


Well I haven’t shot it yet. The breacher tip was what made it for me.


found a 25-yr-old PT-22 w/a broken firing pin… unlike Kel-Tec, the maroons at Taurus don’t sell parts and Numrich was no help either… happily an entrepreneur in Boynton Beach makes repro firing pins… after a fitment i was off to the races w/a new pocket pistol that ran flawlessly for 100 rounds:

on the ‘oldie but goodie’ Gulf of Mexico


A sweet home def weapon…all business. :+1:


Nice CZ – I’ve been lusting after the 52 for a while now.


Classic firearms has the Shockwave with different wood furniture for $388 right now. It’s pretty sweet and a good price.


So called my LGS in Charlotte and got a really decent deal on (2) identical FDE Shockwave “twins” and almost had consecutive s/n - #xxxxx603 and the other #xxxxx606…none the less keepers! These were the only two FDE’s in the store and in CLT, so I scooped em up.
I called my local Harbor Frieght on the way home and talked with a brother Marine Vet who I know that works there. I asked about the Apache long gun cases he mentioned to me 2 weeks ago? He told me he just got the first one in. I told him snag it I am on my way over. Drove to HF and scooped up the case and still nailed 20% off and paid $120 OTD, reg $139.00, Gents this case decent and will get the range day work done.
So I had a dam good day. Looking forward to running these through some
range time. Open to suggestions on a picatnny rail…EGW? Anyone running this
Thanks Brothers,
My new twins-

The truth is…


Nice twins! Next 25%off coupon I get from HF I’m getting that case. Thank for the tip!:+1:


Thanks Boomchucker, While I was standing in Harbor Freight checking out I looked on their website on my phone and saw the discount and the cashier scanned it right off my phone. You are welcome, glad to help.

A decent vid on Shockwave, it surely has utility other than HD.


thanks, I have too. I made a straight across trade for my stoger 12ga. pump supermag. I am really pleased with the trade.


Haven’t bought it not sure if I would but dang it’s pretty. Hard pressed to spend $750+ on a .380


That’s why I spent two fiddy on my Ruger LCP II. It’s a great little gun so far. 250+ rounds through it without a hitch. :+1:


@wedge have you seen the new LCP II in stainless?


Say whaaa? No, I haven’t but I’ll check it out. Probably looks pretty cool.


Found it. It’s not stainless. It’s just a silver Cerakoted paint job.



@Wedge it’s called the “stainless” tho