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@Turmeric1 and if that doesn’t work…there is always the homemade blackberry wine!

And granny wasn’t cranky…she was mean! Came from a fuedin’ clan out of Arkansas and always carried a lil automatic just in case one of them “low down Smokes” ever showed up! Lol


There is a lot of engineering going on that’s for sure. So far I’ve put 250 rounds through it with no problems. You definitely have to be mindful of hand placement; Due to the heft of this little gal the recoil is nominal and I find myself using more of a cup and suacer hold. I’ll keep you all posted if I run into any problems.


Wedge hopefully it’s a vast improvement over the original LCP. I had it and hated it. anything over 10 feet away I was better off throwing it at the target then shooting at it, I sold it along with 5 mags and 3 holsters along with 400 rounds of Winchester ranger ammo. wish I would of kept the ammo I bought the wife a 380 and now have to start over buying ammo for her.



My newest weapon is the Kel Tec PMR-30. Haven’t had a chance to shot it yet but look forward to doing so soon.



Me, too. It should be. The trigger is a much lighter single action because the hammer stays cocked back unlike the earlier version with the long, heavy trigger pull because it was also cocking the hammer. My P3ATs were the same way and I hated it. The slide locking back automatically on the last round is a new and welcome feature along with the better sights, too. :+1:

I still have about 400 rounds of mixed .380 ammo from those days, which were well over 10 years ago. After getting rid of my two P3ATs, I didn’t have anything that shot .380 anymore, but it kept moving with us. :rofl:


how is the size compared to the original


Very similar. Not even enough to make a difference. It’s also one ounce heavier due to the very slightly wider grip and more meat in the slide, which won’t bother me at all.



It’s here! My FFL guy just sent me a picture of mine. Picking it up tomorrow morning. :+1:


My newest is finally complete, I think. It’s a Century C39V2 AK with the Zhukov stock by Magpul. I just can’t leave them alone. I don’t think I own a single gun that is “factory stock”. On this one I removed the rear sight and installed a Texas Weapons Systems railed cover. Then added a Magpul .75 cheek riser, AFG2 fore grip and a Hogue finger groove grip. I topped it off with a Sig Romeo 5 red dot backed up with a Sig Juliet 4 magnifier. I don’t generally add anything just for looks. It needs to improve the fit, handling and performance of the gun for me.

It doesn’t hurt if, coincidently, it does look really good. I guess that when I’m done with one it feels like it’s my gun, not just a gun.


Has anyone tried the SeeAll Open sight with the S2K? If so, what height riser did you use to see over the front sight, how far forward did you mount it and what was your opinion of the sight? Did you get the basic or the tritium night sight version? The adjustment range on the sight is not that broad and I’m concerned that a riser high enough to clear the front sight might make it hard to zero.
I know from posts above that @Dred and @Turmeric1 have used the sights, but do not know if they have tried them on the S2K. BTW where are you guys getting blemished items at a discount? I’m all in for saving some bucks on things I will ding up anyway.


Yes. It is presently on a QD mount by Monstrum. I posted a link to the specific QD on the Red Dot thread. But … I do not look over the front sight. My objective is to shoot with the sight mounted as low as I can manage so that the sight is as close to bore as possible which maximizes the range that POA and POI intersect. On the SeeAll, the field around the reticle is opaque so the front sight really doesn’t obstruct the sight picture. I run it as close to the receiver as possible - the plastic handguard mount is secured at the receiver end, so it is more stable on the receiver side.

My ultimate end game has the SeeAll mounted to the Sub2k on the M*Carbo Hinged Optic Mount. So, since the mount is not yet available, I’m not 100% committed yet. I’m running 'bout 90% confidence that my Sub will knock my design objectives out of the park.


Thanks for the info. I am using a QD mount with identical specs for my red dot which achieves a 100% cowitness with the stock iron sights. From your description, I assume the front sight tops out just below the reticle plane and therefore is hidden by the opaque area around the reticle when the SeeAll is mounted on a half inch riser. Am I reading that correctly?


Brian, I do not have my Seeall (SA) mounted on the S2K. Mine is mounted on a Ruger10/22. I moved it over to the S2K on the .50 riser and it looks like it just clears the front post. I sent a reply to @Dred to see which one he has his mounted on. I think he did the .50 also and from what I read his is mounted on the S2K.


Man, I love to see Brothers posting their AK’s. :grinning:


Thanks for the response. How do you like the sight? Like many older shooters I struggle with iron sights even with (or because of) my trifocals. I know that when I focus on the front sight the rear sights and target are supposed to be “slightly” out of focus. The problem is that the rear sights are a lot more than slightly out of focus and I cannot see them well enough to even begin to line up a shot when the front sight is in focus. Red dot sights have helped me bypass the problem, but even there astigmatism means I often see a starburst instead of the 2 MOA pinpoint dot I should see - depending on exactly where I look through the trifocal lenses; something that is frequently dictated by the firearm. But red dots have been the best solution I have found so far.

The SeeAll looks like a potential answer to all of those problems with a single point of focus and no reflected light source to flare into a starburst. But my firearm budget is pretty tight and I don’t like buying things that end up in the drawer; hence all the questions. Dred’s response above seems consistent with your test; that a half-inch riser puts the reticle just above the front sight post. (at least a Monstrum one does based on your other recent post).


I’m considering a wheelgun for my next purchase. Primarily considering the Smith and Wesson 686 and 637.

The 686 is extremely well reviewed, and in 4" length it just looks amazing. Would be a really fun range gun, and occasionally open carry or winter concealed carry. Can be had for ~$700, plus a little more for wood grips.

The 637 would be a more affordable and practical for concealed carry option. The shrouded hammer 642 would be a little more practical for concealment, or as a duty backup down the line, but I like the look and single action functionality of the 637. Can be had for $400, with Performance Center improvements.

Probably shouldn’t get either. But the heart wants…


Waiting to pick up ruger gp100 357 4 inch barrel a from my ffl. Eventually i will send cylinder to TK custom to get it milled to shoot 9mm as well.

I reload 9mm and 223 so having a nice wheel gun with the option of 357 and 38’s will be fun.


Have you seen my post where I include a picture of my 50 and 100yd targets?


I’ve seen several target posts, but I don’t recall one specifically with pics and comments on the SeeAll. Which category was it posted in and what was the quick takeaway on the pros and cons of the sight? It is less urgent at this point since I went ahead and ordered one, but I am still interested in your assessment.
EDIT: I found your photos and 93% rating from 8 days ago in the Red Dot Sight Thread but there is no distance listed. Is that still your rating today?


Brian, check out my post that is a few replys down from your post on “RED DOT SIGHTS KelTec SUB000 Gen 2