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Your Newest Firearm

Picked up this Taurus .44 magnum hand howitzer just a while ago…

Thank Heaven it came with a Hogue style grip.

Got the @GOBLIN holster for easy access during treks in the vast East TN wilderness:

Hafta say this Gunfightersinc kit is very nice!

Secure retention, straps are easy to adjust and the price is kinda affordable. I think you get what you pay for.


Better than voluntold Washington DC. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That grips isn’t too bad. I purchase my .357 Tracker off GunBroker and the ad listed it as having the “ribber” style grip and just used a stock photo of the gun (which showed the ribber grip). While the ribber grip is comfortable to hold, I found it gives too much for my liking when firing the gun. Fortunately mine came with the same grip yours has. Might just be a new grip style for Taurus.


That’s where I got mine. At the LGS today, they had a stainless .44 Tracker on the shelf for close to the same price. I wanted the Black, tho… to be less White…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Get that .357 peashooter for your gf? :boom:
:joy: Kidding!!

I’ve read it’s a love/hate relationship.
Taurus must have learned more folks changed out the ribber.


Nope, just for me when I’m wearing the dress… :dress:

I’m plenty fine with .357mag, I’d do .44mag from a lever gun but have no interest in running a revolver chambered for it, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it. :wink:

Seems a fair number like the ribber, I prefer a bit more of a connection to the gun. Too squishy for my taste.

Much to the dismay of Hogue.


I won an auction on a pistola last week for less than $500. The description and photo said it is a 1929 Colt Official Police Revolver in 38 special. After picking it up from the auction house and inspecting it today I noticed it is clearly stamped Y P D no51 on the pommel. My search through Colt’s site and books shows it was made in 1929 and sent to a police department. Anyone have any guesses which PD would have need for more than 51 revolvers in 1929? Yuma only had 3 officers in 1929 and Youngstown only had 2. What city would have been large enough? My only findings were Yonkers PD. I will call Colt in the morning to see if I can get papers from them on it. I’m not sure if Yonkers PD has a historian to check with but that may be another angle. Either way, what would y’all’s estimate of this gun be?


Cool wheel gun. :+1:

That would have been my first guess.

They do, he’s a retired deputy chief, apparently he started and is involved with operation of the Yonkers Police Museum.


I found the same site researching YPD. I’ll put a call into them to see if they may have a clue if it was a Yonkers issued revolver. If it was, maybe I’ll donate it for display. Who knows.


dillo slayer…


Misspelled word ? Didn’t you mean Dildo Slayer !


time i replaced the barrel bolt and stock assembly found some decent magazines, (ram line put me off plastic mags till about 3 years ago)modified or replace every internal part. and cut the worthless sight off the receiver, and added a russianmade scope, the only thing left on the thing charter arms is the receiver…but it holds a decent group at 100 m.


Nope, that was the nickname of my last ex-girlfriend, but back to Buck’s gun… :smirk:


The number 51 could be misleading. As most departments do not re-use a previously assigned number, this does not mean this is the 51st, of this sidearm.


That is correct. The Colt archivist called me this morning saying very similar info. I submitted for papers. He said the only way to prove it is to have it researched and see if it was sent directly to a department or a dealer in the city of the department. So we shall see. 90 day turn around


Looks to be in better shape than mine. It’s an old Atlanta Police Department issue my father had since like 1956. It was used when they gave it to him and it sat in a leather holster for about 60 some years. I’ll try to get a few pics later. Got to go fetch the wife from Emory hospital…


Either way, it’s a beautiful piece of history you got.


@Beezer I did a little searching on some internet forums. Whenever “YPD” was mention as being displayed on the butt… they all said it stood for "Yonkers Police Department ". For whatever that’s worth.

Good luck and please keep us informed.


That’s what I found as well. I will get firm proof when I get the sale papers from Colt.


One found said “Yokel Police Department”…


Nothing serious I hope