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Your Newest Firearm



Yup. It meant 9mm short in those days. Now, it just means dead…

Modern technology has been applied to that round.


Thats what i run in my lcp custom. Designed specifically for the shorter barrels


Well you all know the story…go to the FFL for magazines and walk out with a new weapon! Lol.

In this case a CZ527 with the european scope rings thrown in.



Yup. Federal HST 99-grain .380 Personal Defence is a great round for the .380 ACP. :grin:


Latest addition of mine is the Bond Bullpup9


I need to hear a lot about that one. That’s been a design for a long, long time that’s been coming.


It is a sweet shooter. DA only but the trigger is smooth as butter with a crisp break. The Bullpup9 design actually extracts the round from the magazine from the blowback and then lifts the round into the breach as the slide returns home. Because of this “reverse” action the slide does not lock to the rear after your last shot which takes a little getting used to. The overall length is 5.1" and the barrel is 3.35" and it is a good looking pistol with a good amount of heft for as tiny as it is. here is a pretty good write up https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2017/6/23/tested-bond-arms-bullpup9-9-mm-pistol/



I think those are very interesting guns. The mechanism and design are so radical, that I’m a little concerned about how well it will work over the long term. I’m kind of taking a “wait and see” attitude on that. Also, I can see how easy it would be for a shooter more used to traditional guns to get their other hand too close to the muzzle. I think it’s a very interesting gun and I’m waiting to see how it works out after more of them are in use.


@Dred how do you like the sight from SEEALL?
I received mind 2 days ago ( put it on 10/22TD) went to the range and at 25yds got several big hole targets. I find it takes time to get used to the sight.


I purchase an LCPII (because I did not like the LCP) about a week after I saw one for a great price…
Took it to range then Listed my LCP w/ viridian reactor5 sight/holster for $200.00 (it disappeared the day I told my friends of my choice). Then purchased my son one. of course I had to put the reactor sight on it.
NO issues out of either one after about 500 rounds.
It IS the one I carry in work truck !


I am definitely liking its performance. I have 3 more inbound - two blemished crosshair reticle and another triangle reticle. I decided to advantage the available savings.

I’ve mostly shot it at 25 yards and it is easy to shoot rapid fist sized groups from the Sub 2000. Zero held fine on the VR60 12g firing magnum loads and repeatability has been acceptable on the QD mated to my Sub 2k.

I plan to mill my 460 Rowland 1911 slide - SeeAll doesn’t support/offer a 1911 dovetail solution yet. The 300 Blackout AR pistol is getting one as primary sighting solution. The 4th is getting an audition for lever action service before doing head to head speed trials against the Holosun on the 12g.

So, the short answer is I’m lov’n it. The triangle reticle is easy and fast. Speed is comparable to my dot sights. The absence of fragile electronics and consumable batteries is confidence inspiring. I do hope SeeAll makes tritium replacement an easy option come 2023 or so. I expect to continue investing.


So this confirms what I experienced yesterday. I am thinking of trying it on my TAVOR…
Right now I have a great ASCC FFP scope on it and Room to mount the SEEALL as an “OPEN SIGHT” option with having LOW SNAG advantages

Will need a riser for it but NP !!!
SEEALL says they will replace under Lifetime Warranty


I just had a hard time thinking how effective OVERSIGHT had produced this effective, “inexpensive” and efficient solution to low/no level sighting system.
It has low profile and snag resistant design.
I think my first sight will be a dot but both dot and SEEALL sight will be on OD mounts that will take moments to change by dropping the Dot(battery operated) and going to Tritium.
I now have a 3 way sighting system for my primary defense arm the TAVOR.
@johnksg I am staying with my “5 guns if I had toi start over” !!! That can be mounted at the same time.


@Turmeric1 no worries brother, I think they are solid choices! (Besides if I am ever in a scrape I will call you because I know you will sneak in a few extra guns somehow!)


@Dred before doing head to head speed trials against the Holosun on the 12g.

Here is Dot performence on Mossy 930 @ 50yds “sight in” using PA microdot. Holosun should make you smile
and jump up and down


I will also carry the AMMO !


@Turmeric1 you bring the ammo and I will bring the pie! :cake::cake::cake:


F***! NO pie. If you bring the Pie I will Have to bring the White Mountain cranker, that will be TOO HEAVY !


NO NO NO I never said I would BRING the ammo Just carry it !!

You are trying to get maximum distance out of this PIE !!!
TRying to trick me at every bend!
NO WONDER Granny was cranky.!!!


@Turmeric1 just 'cause I’m a hillbilly doesn’t mean I am slow! :+1:

If I brought pie AND HOMEMADE ICECREAM I bet you would bring the ammo too!