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Your Newest Firearm

Love the Tanfoglio Witness line of pistols. Theyre all great from the entry level all the way up. I own 3 witnesses myself and a 10mm hunter with 6" barrel is high on my list of must haves


Just picked these 2 up today.

Top is a S&W M&P 22 compact. More so for my 9 year old daughter. It came with Dawson precision front sight and 4 mags.

In the case is a Walther PPS M2 LE. Came with everything as new, hard case, 3 mags , and also a Kydex IWB holster.

Got both for $500


@d.kaufman2154 nice! My M&P Compact came with 2 mags and garbage 3 dot white sights when I bought it several years ago. The trigger in mine is terrible too.


Its the 22lr version. Get my daughter shooting pistols more. The trigger isnt to bad. Coming in just under 6# with my trigger gauge. I do like the Dawson front fiber optic sight. Came with the original sight as well as plenty of replacement filament for the Dawson


@d.kaufman2154 yes mine too brother


Youd be surprised how often I find guns I forgot I owned. Seriously it’s a semi regular occurrence…


I’ve been looking at these little cat guns for awhile. First obstacle was deciding between the 22 Short Minx, the 22lr Bob or the 32ACP Tom. Bob won 'cause 32 would be a new, expensive, but conservatively powered caliber and 22 Short is poorly represented in my personal supply.

For many years have had a early version of that (single action).
This week got in the new Hornady Critical Defense rounds in .25.
This is a small gun that can quickly spit out rounds.
My Bride often jogs with it, as have I when needed.


These two sentences actually gave me a pretty hearty gut laugh when you posted. All I know is, next time anyone gives me shit for a messy office, I’m directing them to this thread and your response. :grin:


Didnt take a pic of my newest but picked up a marlin xt 22 on friday. Just got back from the range and couldnt be happier at this point. Got it used and it came with a cheap bipod and 4 power scope. Paid $130 for it.
Top left corner is as fast as i could work the bolt and shoot. Each group is 17 shots(Tube fed, 17 shot capacity) except bottom middle. That one was the last 6 rounds i had left with me.
Most shots in some of these groups are thru the same hole. Only 50ft today as i was at my local Izaak Walton Indoor range. Cant wait to try it out at 50 yards in a couple weeks. Used cci sv and Federal Black 36gr hps


My most recently completed AR build. AR-9 with Quarter Circle 10 S226 lower.
It has a 8.3" barrel, slick-side pistol caliber upper and Matrix 7" MLok handguard.
This completed my 226 collection, with all my other P226 magazine shooters.
Kel-Tec Sub-2000, Taurus G2C and Sig P226.


Well one of my old lady friends, Impulse, stopped by for a visit this evening. She talked me into pulling up Texas Gun Trader to see if anyone is eeady to let a 10/22 go for less than a $100. I bought my gf’s son a Hightower Armory 90/22 stock for a September b’day and I figured putting a gun in the stock can happen if I score.

Well, no 10/22s came home with me tonight. But I did just get home with a Grade 2 Browning BL-22. I’ll take some pictures when I get the sun back.

Here’s one from the TGT listing:




@Dred I love my 50 year old BL-22 and you will too. Inexpensive and fun to shoot.


It has been a several months since I have been on the forum so I have some catching up to do…

I just bought the Mossberg MC1 - can’t say I love it.

I liked my wife’s Q5 match that I got one for myself. I tried a red-dot sight like my wife uses but I like the irons better!

Wife decided to have an AR “built” to her specs using parts from folks we know. She ended up with an Aero completed with Timber Creek hardware (they are based an hour away from us)

And while it is not new, it is new to me. Wife “gave” me her last semi-custom build. (There is an FN under all those aftermarket parts somewhere…I think?

And while I don’t have pics handy we also got an SR22 for daughter and a Ruger MKIV for son.

I think that is it? :thinking:


Can I join they family?
I will do the dishes


I would give you a like brother but I am all out!

This thing is getting out of control. Every member of my family going back generations are collectors, hunters, competitive shooters, gun shop owners, and stuff keeps building up.

And yet we still keep buying stuff! Lol.

I have a safe of guns we use.

Another full of guns we used to use.

And a safe full of guns we might use…

And then there are piles of all of the rest of the stuff! :rofl:

I am running out of family to dump guns upon.


Shoot…I forgot one!


Did you do the coating? Looks great.


No I didn’t but since I cannot recommend the guy who did it I wont say much more about that or name him. :scream:

Wife has been rocking the matching red/black game guns I just wanted a lil flair for myself. Lol


@CatFood Got the Green S2K too! But just recently picked up the Glock 34 gen 4 MOS too. Just black though, With I could have found the matching set! lol
Like yours! How do you like it?