Your Newest Firearm

Damn, I hope all is well now!


For the money, they’re really good out of the box.

I could echo what I just said about the AR-556 here, really. Vortex makes some good value level glass. My only wish is that they made the 1-8x you have with the original AR-BDC reticle. I wouldn’t mind a bit more magnification but I like the simpler reticle. That said, with that scope mounted to the Ruger in its factory free-floated carbine config, at 6x I managed 10 consecutive rounds in an 8" disc at 300 yards using the BDC, and I really couldn’t see much of the target at that distance. If you get it zeroed properly and your chosen gun/ammo combo are holding up their end, the scope will do its job…and the price will let you buy more happy seeds or gun parts.

Thanks, though I really couldn’t help myself after inspecting one up close. Like you, I had never seen one until that fateful day. Picked the wrong day to go to the gun shop, I guess, the fire was lit… :drooling_face:

They are damn fun to build, almost as much fun as shooting them. Looks good, I see you went with the M4E1 upper, I’m using the same one on the 20" upper above. It was the only one they had in stock when I bought the parts, was looking for a more traditional upper. But after I assembled everything I realized its angular form really worked with the Atlas handguard. No regrets. I think you’re running the same barrel I am only in 18". Hard to beat stainless and fluted. :grinning:


Metroarms American Classic II. .45 ACP


Absolutely beautiful!!! I love a good 1911. I had one and it was the most reliable and accurate handgun I’ve ever fired. Wish I hadn’t gotten rid of it.


Thanks man! I havent shot it yet but I will very soon. Looking forward to seeing it in action. I had a Ruger .45 years ago and I fell in love with the 1911.


That’s a purdy gun ya got there, hoss. Looks like a good setup with the extra mags. Hard not to love a 1911, though I am biased. I predict you’ll enjoy shooting it.

You’re obliged to post this in the 1911 thread as well… :grinning:


Thanks and also thanks for the heads up on the 1911 group. Nice group!


I haven’t met a 1911 .45 ACP I didn’t like, some a little bit better than others.


I’m waiting for the final piece to show my latest build in 300 Ham’r. When it gets here I’ll post that and my 350 legend build (currently my favorite AR). My latest buy is one of them butt ugly HP 995s in 10mm. I really am kind"a embarrassed to even show a picture of it cause it had to come with that stupid looking Kevlar dorsal fin on the pistol grip to be legal in my state. I was surprised at the recoil from it. I only had some hunting loads that I put together a while back but I felt less thump from my 1911 than I did from this thing. I’m gonna have to do something with the sights too!


" that stupid looking Kevlar dorsal fin on the pistol grip " that description is funny but true.


I picked up a few more older handguns. First up is a Beretta 96 Centurion .40

Second one is a Smith & Wesson Model 10-6 police in .38 special. It is a retired Cleveland Police revolver. This one I plan on keeping and shooting.

I have a Beretta 92f on the way. Hoping to have it in hand in about a week.


Just bought this M90 & they will pin the stock for NJ compliant.
Ordered M70 with wood furniture


Hey Beezer, any updates on this?


I’ve been in touch with Nick Birilis of the Yonkers Police Historical Society. I am waiting for him to send me his FFL address. He wanted me to send it to a Detective Lt at the police department but my ffl guys say it cannot be sent to a person according to BATF laws only an ffl.


I feel like the police should be aware of this… :thinking:

That aside, I think it’s cool that you’re donating it to their police museum. :+1:


The response from Nick is so dumb it sounds like a set up to me. All police should know YOU can’t send a firearm to a non-FFL .


My ffl deals with police and police chiefs all the time thinking they can throw their badge or title around saying it’s okay. Federal law trumps city and state. Once you make them aware of that it usually quiets them down. Nick is a retired Yonkers office and I was also able to call and speak to the Det. Lt. he wanted me to send it to. It’s all on the up and up now that they are aware of the correct laws.


I ran into the opposite a couple years ago trying to buy a handgun in Michigan. The sales clerk wanted to send the gun to the local Sheriffs office thinking that is ok instead of another dealer.


Here is my thoughts. If it’s from one state to another state, IT’S FFL to FFL…
IT’S FFL to FFL. :wink:

If the agency has a armor thats a FFL good. But, still takes a FFL to mail it to that agency.

Larry :innocent:


Do. You think it should be an FFL-FFL?

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