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Your Newest Firearm

Nice score! Love the knife.


I got one. A real competitor to the Ruger 10/22. First needed improvement is a fiber optic front sight. Get the Williams Gun Sight Co, model #70220 Muzzle Loader Fire Sight. Sight height .485 Inch for .875 inch dia. barrel. Leaves a slight gap between bottom of sight and barrel. But fits with good contact. You should re-use factory sight screw. It is a metric threaded screw. Sight slightly overhangs barrel muzzle. Rifle only comes with 1 magazine. Winchester is waiting for more to arrive from Turkey. This could be 6 months or more. Have to use Ruger 10/22 magazines while waiting. Bolt will not lock open after last shot when using Ruger magazines, have to lock bolt open manually. This is much quicker on the Wildcat. Rifle finish has small flaws. Muzzle has machining marks that were not completely blued. Small nicks in various places on the barrel. Touch-up blue can take care of these flaws. Stock may be a little short for some users. Can use a “slip on” recoil pad to add length. Small size is advisable. Or have a gunsmith install a recoil pad for a permanent solution. Barrel is free floated. A dollar bill will slide between barrel and stock. A very good feature. Trigger pull needs improvement. A little oil on trigger pins and springs may help. A good “budget blaster” rifle. Can be found cheaper than the Ruger 10/22. Have to “shop around” various gun stores to find the Wildcat.


Hello All
Today I was shopping unsupervised. Being a hard core Beretta guy I picked up this odd ball plunker Beretta U22 NEOS New in the Box. You will hate or love it. I’m still going to get the Beretta M9 22 soon as I find one. But this will be a cheap ammo firearm to plunk with.

The other new toy is much more serious. It’s the Citadel Boss 25 12 Gauge AR-Style Semi Automatic Shotgun. Also picked up 2 10 round mags to go with the 2- 5 round magazines in came with.

I think??? :thinking:the magazines are the same for my 12 gauge Typhoon Shotgun.

Fun shopping day. :grin:



My newest addition, DDM4V7. I absolutely love this gun. Hopefully within a month I’ll be able to add the Wilson Combat I’m in the process of building. I’ve got everything I need except a barrel and handguard. If I can squirrel away another 600-700 bucks without the old lady noticing I’ll be done.


I like the build, but I like your machinist toolbox as well. :+1:


Trying to up the ante in my scatter gun armory:

Turkish made Iver Johnson PAS12SN-PG…

Grafted a Mesa Tactical shell holder onto it.

Buttstock is removable…

RKGuns had it on sale a few weeks ago.

Last week, SG sold me this Mossberg Maverick 88 Cruiser…


Let me know what you think of this shotty. I’m thinking of picking one up


I will soon as I get range time and honey do’s done :wink:
I have it and the Typhoon both to check out. I will post when I get it done.
Larry :+1:


Up next will be a .458 socom


Good caliber. Who’s barrel are you using?

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Scored a Bear Creek complete upper on Mem day weekend. Delivered to the door for $316!


Updated my Mark IV with Tandemkross Halo Charging Ring and Hivegrips. Internally I updated to a Victory Trigger and Blast Shield (magazine disconnect).


I wanted to build one but went with yet another .556. Maybe my next one…


For the price, that particular model Mk IV is hard to beat. Leaves you extra dinero to tweak to your liking as you have. Looking good. :+1:

If you’re looking to brighten up the sight picture, I can personally recommend the HiViz front fiber optic sight for this gun. I run a red light pipe and it really pulls your eyes through the sights to the target.


That is my next update.


My only wish is that they’d make the frame from metal instead of polymer. I’d pay a bit more for that. Volquartsen made a metal frame for the Mk II & III 22/45 but nothing yet for the Mk IV. That said, the cost of the Volquartsen was actually more than I paid for the gun, so maybe I can live with the poly frame…


Dang you @LarrySr you made me go out and buy this. Thanks buddy!


My youngest son just finished his P90/G36 AR build today. I gotta say I’m kinda disgusted.


I think we’re both going to have some fun with them if they shoot as good as they look .:+1:


I’m one to name my guns and that would for sure be named “Frankenstein”