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Your Newest Firearm


K … so … I got a new gun. Please feel free to join in - sharing is caring.

She’s a Rock Island Armory Imports (yes, Imports is their new venture) VR60 plus 1 in brown/FDE/Khaki/new black. She’s a autoloading scattergun that mimics AR15/M4 platform controls. the “plus 1” is the 601AB is the aluminum foreend versus the alternative plastic forend. She looks a lot like:

RIA has already updated the forend from the one pictured and the pictured carry handle is different as well. More about them here: Armscor VR60 Plus 1 Product Page.

I’ve been itching for an excuse to try one of the See All Open Sights and the VR60 will be the first to try out the nightsight version that is inbound.

More info about the sight is here: See All Open Sight Product Page.

It is still unfired. I’m a scattergun dummy so I look forward to enjoying this learning curve. @ChrisNelson - this may be worth a looksee. I think that its release was overshadowed by the simultaneous release of Ruger’s PCC - if it lives up to my expectations, it will be a winner. I’m hoping so 'cause I definitely want a rifled barrel to run slugs with some degree of precision. I did read that RIA has rumored the release of a replacement .308 upper as well - that’d be awesome.

Early trigger feedback is starting me at a 9 lb. pull. Maybe it’s double action just because or something.


Will it accept a AR drop in trigger? I’m curious to see the lower.


It does not break into upper/lower like an AR. The forend comes off easily; barrel seperates easily then we break out the tools. Butt pad removed (fixed by a screw) to access screw fixing receiver to polymer stock.

I haven’t detail stripped it yet, but I will be looking to see what the Turks did for the bang switch. I’ll try to have a camera handy when I take her apart.


In a further act of California Non-Compliance…well anyway, I just had to.


@Boomchucker I like that nasty looking thing on the end of your shockwave.


Don, I can’t say how it came to me🙄 but I can say it came fully pimped out just like this, a ready made fit to the Venerable Ol’ Sporkmunster!

I knew I wanted one of them Breecher tools.


F5MFG posted a picture on Instagram of around 10 firearms lined up and said “The first 5 to correctly name these wins a 50 round drum of their choice.” I was the first one and I won a CZ Scorpion EVO 50 round drum. These retail for $170 and I never win anything so I’m pretty pumped! Thanks to my fanatical knowledge of firearms I now need to buy an EVO. Hahaha!


That’s the rule of thumb gotta buy an EVO now. Normally easier when you end up with a random box of ammo in a new caliber you have to go buy a firearm to shoot it.


Well, just got this last week. Glock 43. I plan on sending to out to have trigger work done with slide/frame tuned enchancement. Agency Arms style. No slide milling bull****. Maybe just a maybe with stippling. Perhaps, an undercut to get a better grip hold.


And pics as promised …

The VR60 as received:

And, as presently fitted (replaced irons with See All Tritium Open Sight, but need ro fit a riser):



magnum tracker. shes still new 500 rnds thru her. Kanei chest holster (gunfighters inc) with strips.

Not quite sure how to post a pic, but just got a Century C39V2 AK47 Zuhkov model. Have wanted one for quite awhile and finally got a great deal on Gunbroker. Going rate is $949, got the winning bid for $615 new in box. All Magpul furniture on it, extended forearm and telescoping/folding stock. Am waiting for mags I ordered along with a Hogue grip to arrive.so I haven't shot it yet. Also ordering the Texas Weapons Systems picatinny cover and still researching what kind of optics I may want to put on it. Red dot, red dot with 3x magnifier, low power variable scope?????  Anyone have any suggestions, experience with this weapon?![Century%20C39V2%20Zuhkov|690x238](upload://yo3UNfOt6NWolOwD7VyWuvXwYFL.png)


Posting 'cause I’m excited to have a Marlin 1894C (357 Mag/38) on its way home. It is Marlin number 9 and Marlin lever gun number 3. I might be a fanboy.

It is actually 'round the corner at a pawn shop but I claimed it with a Benjamin toward a layaway. All I know now is that it is clean, cycles well and was made in 1997 - well before Remington broke the camel’s back. I spent 30 minutes searching for a reason to leave it for somebody else, but I did not succeed.

So if Remngton is going to release the 1894CST in this year’s Marlin catalog - now is the time - they’ve got till Monday. Stainless with a threaded barrel was attractive enough to risk a Remlin, but a Remlin won’t displace a Marlin in my collection, so …

Pics in a few days.


Just picked up a steyr M9A1 about two hours ago. Pretty stoked. Range time tomorrow


The newer Remlins are much nicer. I have a 336A in .30-30. Unlike the earlier ones, especially right after the switch, the laminated stock is nice and fits very well to the action and the metal finish is fine. My lever cycles smoothly and easily enough that I can do it with a pinky and that’s with the hammer down. :+1:


I’m not any sort of old school purist. My 1895 GBL is 2018 vintage. And I agree regarding the laminates.

What I do notice is that the Marlin’s appear finished by folks proud of their work. Remlins appear to be completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

All that and I already know the Walnut on my 1997 Marlin looks like Pine compared to the furniture on my 1974 vintage 336. But the 1894 doesn’t have a sling swivel rudely screwed into the Marlin Eyeball - paid that price on the 336 but I’ll replace that eyeball and relocate the sling swivel eventually.


My newest is a Taurus G2C. I’m using a stock photo here rather than my own.



To me, a much better deal than an unreliable SIG 365.

Brazil rules! LOL.


And, I have few virtues. Definitely lacking on the one that involves patience.

So without further delay (isn’t she gorgeous):


A new little AR pistol project that is almost complete.