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Your Favorite Blaster Is

Continuing the discussion from My Favorite Firearm Of 2018:

Howdy Shooters,

@hrfunk got me started trying to figure MY favorite new for 2018 shooterer. It’s a painful exercise and they say: Misery loves company. So this thread is your invitation - you’re welcome.

Two questions for you:

Which new 2018 acqusition is your favorite?

Which firearm in your collection is your overall favorite?

Me? My Marlin 1894CS is my favorite 2018 acquisition. I’ve been spendy this year too. It beats out: 9mm STI Spartan V, 300 BO AR Pistol, 1 Marlin 7000, Marlin 880 Sq, and my 9mm M&P 2.0 5". It takes the favorite spot 'cause is is a cowboyish smile bringer that I’ve wanted since the early 1970s.

My Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack built in their Monson, MA era is my hands down favorite firearm. This is a very difficult choice for me 'cause it’s not my first pic for any specific function; it just won’t be called on to “work” until I’m approaching soldier number 20 in my private army. Shooting it and owning it are hedonic pleasures for me even if it is a highly capable fighting tool. Geek Trivia: the Model 15 is a Karl Lewis design and interestingly, to me, Karl Lewis is also the brainchild behind my other 357 revolver (my Colt Trooper Mk V).

And, yes, I noticed that my 2018 favorite directly complements my all time favorite. I’m just happy I didn’t have to consider ditching any of my other highly loved blasters to answer my questions.


@Dred even though you post some of the coolest firearms on the Forum (and my favorite AR buttstock adaption I hope @ChrisNelson produces!) it’s hard for me not to picture you with the Original Blaster…:joy:image


Smith & Wesson Model 686+ .357 Magnum, 3” Barrel TALO Edition. Variant of my original service revolver (4” model 66) which I was very good with, 7rd capacity, fairly devastating firepower, timeless styling, and perfect form and function. Apple of my eye!


2018 fav? Our CMMG .22 drop-in for AR-15. We’ve added the adapter so we can use M&P 15-22 magazines. Drop the kit into one of our sub-5 lb. are, and we’re giggling like little kids putting rounds through paper. It’s stupid-cheap fun.

My all-time favorite? That’s the second weapon I ever bought: Ruger GP-100 .357 stainless. I’ve added a Hogue grip and lighter hammer spring, which ups the shooting pleasure. It’s great to shoot, comfy in the hands, near-rifle accurate, and makes loud >BANG!< noises when shooting .357.


This really is a “gut-wrenching” exercise. It was hard enough for me to do this with the seven 2018 contestants in my video. I don’t know if I could make it through my entire collection!



Interesting that the all time favorite for the first 3 respondents is a 357 Mag revolver. Totally unexpected.


My favorite is my pre war Colt 1911 in 38 super. Followed by my bug assult. :grinning:


My glock 17L with poly80 frame and apex trigger.
Ksg tied but if only one then ksg second


As far as for a 2018 purchase, I’ve got to go with my Arex rex zero 1 tactical. She is a phenomenal shooter. Makes me look good accuracy wise and at 20+1 capacity, whats not to love.



Shooting this thing is the most fun I can have with my clothes on…my 1986 Python.


TC contender in 45/70 my favorite barrel on this frame.


I’ll bet that is all bark and plenty of bite too. :grinning:


A couple of these in 22 TCM work okay for me.