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Your Best or Favorite 22 WMR

Seems we need a good WMR thread for the PMR/CMR guys.
As well as all the other Magnum lovers in the brotherhood.
What have you got? What is your favorites? Wants?

I’ll start with one I’ve wanted for a while and finally acquired.

Just bought a Rossi RS22W rifle. My first impressions are good.
All listings describe them as black synthetic, but mine is OD Green.
It’s got a sturdy feel to it, but not too heavy. Fit and finish is quite nice.
There was some slight surface rust on the barrel that wiped right off.

For this price point, it is a very nice rifle. Expectations exceeded.

It comes with one 10 round magazine, very good quality though.
Very easy to load and a very durable and rugged feel to them.
One negative, extra mags are impossible to find for it right now.

After running one mag through it, I’m even more impressed.
It runs amazingly smooth. Almost no recoil. Surprisingly quiet.
I ran all 10 rounds without hearing protection. Hearing intact.

The rifle comes with a pic rail mounted and no other sights.
A 1-6x24 would work well and will be ordered for this rifle.
I will probably not “waste” much ammo until I get it scoped.

I’ll add some pictures later. Maybe after I decide on a scope.


Does Rossi not have any of these in stock?

Rossis are good little guns. I’ve been impressed with the Rio Bravo so far. I’m thinking of getting either an RB22 or a Gallery Gun - something different from semi-auto - I have a 10/22 for that. .22LR is kind of the way to go right now - I don’t really want to spend 50¢/rd and up for .22WMR.


From what I’ve read, they are making enough mags to ship with the rifles.
But nobody including Rossi has individual mags in stock at the moment.
Well except someone on eBay selling them for $135 each. LOL.


I have both the CMR-30 and PMR-30 but both have never been fired yet.
With the china junk going around :mask: my range playing has been extremely limited.
22 cal was not on the list to shoot.

Hopefully this spring ,summer I can at least test them out.


I really like the concept of the CMR and it looks really awesome.
I watched many reviews on it and other semi-auto 22WMR rifles.
For reliability and price, the Rossi was the best option for me.

I’m not trying to dis the CMR. At some point I’d like to get one.
Pairing it with a PMR is part of what has me interested in it.
But at around $250, the RS22W really is a sweet little deal.
And it’s run nearly flawless in all the videos I’ve watched.

There’s not many options out the for Semi-Auto 22WMR.
I already have a fine bolt-action. I’ll post about it later here.

Sure hope you get to throw some rounds and have fun.
Please post the results here when the time comes.


I have one of the first generation PMR’s and love it. I have looked for a CMR since they were introduced but no luck. I already have a Ruger American bolt action in 22WMR and it’s a tack driver…but would still love to have a CMR!!


I was able to snag a 10 round mag for the RS22M from Rossi.
First time they have been available anywhere in quite a while.
Just posting in case someone else was looking for one.

RS22W 22WMR MAGAZINE 10 RDS (shoprossi.com)

Got one of the heritage rough rider revolvers with with 22 wmr cylinder on sale a while back. Good relover for sub 100

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Lots of them on eBay - search rs22m. Way overpriced compared to shoprossi.com.

I’m still trying to find a 25-round rs22 magazine (.22LR, not magnum). I have four 10-rounders so I’m good for now.

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My one and only.