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XDS 45 Spring Kit

Hello All! Have any of you replaced the springs or done anything to lighten the trigger pull on your XDS 45. Mine is not the newest version.



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I used the PRP kit and it helped but I ended up using the OEM striker spring because I had light strike issues with their striker spring. A friend of mine had the same issue with his XDS and the PRP trigger kit.


Thank you for the information!

Rich Williams



I asked earlier about experiences with this kit. I installed the complete spring replacement kit and the sear. The pistol functions perfectly and has a nice easy trigger pull now. The only issue is that I had 5 out of 50 light strikes at the range. I was using Freedom Munitions reloaded 45 ammo. All the primers had nice deep strike dents except those five. The strike dents were very slight and shallow, even after repeated firing attempts. Is this light strike something that I should be concerned about with quality defense ammo? The pistol has never failed to fire before with any ammo. Is the light strike inevitable when trying to lighten the trigger pull?

I would appreciate input.

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Check to see if the primers were seated to the same depth as the rounds that functioned properly.