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XD Mod 2.0 Interest out There?

Hey all, just seeing if I am the only one that loves their XD Mod 2.0 but detests the spongy trigger. Think our friends at MCarbo can take this on as a project? Thoughts?


I personally carry the XD9 Mod 2. 3in barrel & I changed out the sights for trijicon night sights. Love my XD. My trigger doesn’t seem spongy though


I’ve got an XD9 Mod 1 and an XD45 Mod 2 (both subcompacts for carry) and neither has a spongy trigger. Crisp, clean break right around 4lb 11 oz. A little heavy but I haven’t worked on either one - guess I missed them. It’ll give me something to do during the cold snowy winter. :grin:

The main thing I don’t like about the XD45 is when the 13-round mags are all the way full, they’re tough to insert and impossible to remove unless you lock the slide back. Other than that, they’re ugly heavy guns but they shoot very well.


There is a problem with your XD if the magazines are tough to insert and impossible to remove unless the slide is locked back.

Send it back to Springfield Armory for free repair under warranty.
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Welcome to the forum, @TexasResistance.

TBH it’s not that big a deal to me. It’s not my EDC, but even when I carry it, it’s not a problem because the first round is chambered - the mag drops okay then, and I have to rack the slide anyway to clear it. If I had to guess what’s wrong I’d say the mag catch needs to be filed or smoothed a little but if you’ve looked, it’s not the easiest to remove/install. Like I said, it’s not a big deal and there’s no real reason to go through the hassle.

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You should add another round to the magazine after you chamber a round but if your XD is just a gun range play toy to you then don’t have it repaired.

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