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World's Cheapest AR

Just for kicks I spent the past couple hours designing the most budget friendly AR possible.
My goal was to see if I could do it under $250 including shipping, but I missed it by quite a bit.
It was a lot of searching and comparing parts. The tally came to $254.92 before shipping, etc.
This isn’t something I would want to build, but it should be a perfectly functional firearm.

I didn’t want to cheat by not including things like muzzle devices or hand guards, it is complete.
I didn’t include any kind of brace or blade, as a pistol can be completed without those items.
The cheapest barrel I found was a 7.5" 300 Blackout, so that’s a bonus, I guess.

I’m including the link here for the list. It opens in Google Sheets.

I’m gonna just update the total below, if I get it any lower.
So check back occasionally for updates.

Total Cost Before Shipping, etc. $237.83


whats the least expensive barrel you’ve found?


$34.99 ELD Performance AR-15 7.5" .300 Blackout, Pistol gas, HBar, 1-8 T, Parkerized Barrel

Disclaimer: No “Blems” were used in the making of this list.
Just the bottom-of-the-barrel, lowest priced parts I could find.
All from vendors I’ve bought from in the past and all in stock items.
Actually could have gotten it done cheaper with out of stock parts.


found a 16" for 59$ whats the best twist for 300 BO, 1:7 or 1:8 found both…


I think 1:7 would be better if you plan to use subsonic.

Another note, I chose the polymer lowers from Tennessee Arms for the list.
Great prices and good reviews. I’ve been wanting to try them, myself.
You could easily search and find Anderson receivers for a few dollars more.


Ive used the Tenn arms lowers. excellent poly even the buffer tube mounting area has a threaded brass insert instead of plastic threads. so does the pistol grip screw area :+1:


I ordered a 3-pack last night. Even got a pink one. Lol


the other good poly one ive came across, JMT, James Madison Tactical, they have brass inserts as well, and cut exceptionally well, as he is using his own poly Mix…

I wanna know where he found this safety and mag release setup…

and although i do love Geissele triggers, I might give a JMT sabre or blackops trigger a try at 99$
bot Polymer80 and EParmory when all was said and done, didnt care for. the bubbled one from EP cracked within the first 2 magazines, still waiting to hear back from them, and the really bad one from ploymer80 they had me cut in half and send em pictures, ,well ive not received the replacement yet…


I just edited the first post with a link to the list.


found the ambx safety lever its a ATI unit, out of stock but im on the list…
truth be told im probably on a bunch of lists…:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Mag release?



saw it there brother but thanx! safety was AT3, and then the strapped anti walk pins at www.righttobeararms.com




@san Welcome to the Brotherhood. Feel free to head on over to this thread and formally introduce yourself to the rest of the mob… :grinning:


Replaced the one on the list with this one. Brings it down to 237.83
I had issues with some items from KM, so I quit searching there.
But for this list, it seems perfect. Thanks @san, good find.

So who wants to build this and review it? Any volunteers?


@san Welcome aboard.


I would consider it, however, I just found out this past week that the great state of Maryland is looking to pass a bill in 2020 making ALL AR-15’s illegal in the state. Currently only ARs with heavy barrel profiles are legal. That being the case, all AR builds and purchases are on hold for me as, if the law passes, all owners would be required to forfeit their guns (no buy back) under criminal penalty. Sounds like theft to me, but I’m clearly biased…

Sorry if this post sounds bitchy, just a bit irritated at the high level of ignorance being exhibited by the uneducated legislators backed by delusional organizations like Mommies Demanding Action. What a joke. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know the feeling, believe me.


@Festus We’re literally only one or two steps away from Cali here in Maryland. It’s getting stupid and from time to time I have to double check that I’m still living in the USA. These morons are wiping their butts with the constitution because they’re deficient as parents, wanting the government to do the job for them. And last time I checked our constitution is what sets us apart from other countries. I think these folks need a refresher in history, it was civilians with firearms that allowed us to become a sovereign country in the first place. They owe the liberties they enjoy daily to these people, long since gone to the sands of time.

Sorry, I will stop there as I’m getting political. Resume normal thread operations… :slightly_smiling_face:


thats why the make 80% receivers brother.just saying…