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Thanks Ken…Good to know.

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Another question for the gents. I bought a 17/34 glock mag. What is the difference between 17 or 19. Can my Kel Tek use a 17? I don’t understand why the distinction between 17/19 with 33 rounds. What am I missing. If they will both fit 9 mm glocks and my Kel Te then why make a distinction of how many rounds 17 or 19 when the mag holds 33?.


@FocuedOne The standard G19 magazine holds 15 rounds max. The standard G17 magazine holds 17 rounds max. The G18 (full auto pistol) magazine holds 33 rounds max. They are all of different lengths with the G19 magazine being the shortest and the G18 magazine being the longest. All three can be used in the G19 version of the SUB2000 because it has the shortest grip. That’s the limiting factor. Grip length. If you have the G17 version, the G19 magazine won’t work because it won’t go far enough up into the magwell/grip to lock in place. Obviously, the G18 33 round magazine is far more than long enough to work in either version. It even works perfectly in my stubby little G26. :+1:


Thanks Wedge. Thanks for the clarification. Well and simply said.:grin:


Buy yourself a Magpul Glock 17 mag. It’s cheaper than OEM and works just as good for about $15 a pop. Or buy a Glock 33 rounder & call it a day.


I did buy a 33 rd. from Brownell’s Glock 17/34 but did not understand the why of 17/19. Now I do. Thanks Chris!


Thank you for posting, I am a female vet myself with similar stories to tell. There is a lot of us out there. It is great to meet someone who is female and have multiple weapons. Just purchased my Sub 2000. Should have taken it to a gunsmith. Put on the new sights, trigger, buffer,sleeve and recoiless charging handle. Now my safety doesn’t work and it took me hours. Got to take it apart and trouble shoot it. Looking forward to communicating on with you.


One-Sister… Pleased to meet ya. Yes the change out on the Kel Tec is a bear. I watched the video and said,“No way”. I am dyslexic when it comes to diagrams so no hand book for me! (How I made it through the military is a miracle.) The gun smith I hired said the same about the change out and stated," No significant difference in the trigger pull. Werther that is the truth I know not I am glad to have the accessories and do my best to make it fit me. I have yet to fire it but will soon after the 4th.

What Branch of Service and MOS? I was a 91A (Combat Medic) with an identifier(Y8/ immunizations and allergy tech) So my shotting was with a needle. I was stationed at Ft. Lee Va, Ft Pickett Va and Ft. Wainwright Alaska.
What say You?


95 B Military Police for Army. I was in from 90 to 95. I have done law enforcement to deployments in Honduras. Best duty station and worse duty station was Berlin, Germany.
I watched you tube videos over and over again. On my computer, tablet, and phone since I changed out the sights while trying to install rear sight and add buffer and other for less recoil. I will never do it a gain. I have to take it to the range but I have somehow disconnected my safety accidentally.


I also had problems with my safety after i reassembled mine. Found that i had broken the tip off one of the C-shaped metal ring clips that keep the safety in place. So, I ordered 2 more, just in case I do it again. Also make sure when reinstalling the clips that they go into the groove. I’m great at installing accessories to the outside of the gun, not so hot at the inside. I did all the upgrades at one time and am praying I never have to open it up again. Good luck with yours.


Well now…all is done accept for a single carry sling which is on order. I went to the range yesterday and the red dot on the Mid Western swivel was not zeroed. I put that to the side and just went with the sights that come with the Keltec. I was on the bulls eye immediately. Problem being (Yes a problem). It took time to line up the sights and I did it blindly. Another words It was a blurr but accurate. I wear bifocals and what a hardship.I forgot my progressives which gives me some what of a window of sight. Sooooo…I know I need to change out the frt. sight. Rear sight is o.k for now.

Does anyone have any recommendations for the frt. sight that is not to high $. I sure this has been addressed on the forum somewhere.



Blitzkrieg chevron it just screws in and replaces the stock front post I chose orange for the contrast and the pointed chevron allows for a finer aiming point. $35-40 I believe


I just got the spring and small safety piece in the middle. I had problems with that clip not being in the right place. So spring and safety pin popped out and I lost the pieces. I hope to never to have to open mine again. I know I will have to. I am now struggling with the rear sight and getting it zeroed. All my shots after 30 ft are high and to the left.

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I had the same issue with sighting in the iron sites. I got my industrial trifocals out. the third lense is located at the top of the glasses and it is set at arms length. those have become my shooting glasses. perfect focal length for firearms. first time using them was awesome


It has been close to 8 mo. since my last reply.A lot has happened in our Govt. and continues to change. Folks are becoming a little un-hedged and there is a snappiness in the air. I have bought multiple arms since my purchase of Kel-Tec 2000 Gen 2. I love what I own. The gun that works for me is a Walther Creed. I am center mass (Bulls eye) with this gun. Amagin that. I started with a small hand gun and have graduated to this Walther. I thought the smaller the easier to manage. NOT. This full/compact size gun works for me. I am relieved. How many of you have bought small and finally found that big works better? I am now accurate and confident. Thank You Walther and CDNN for a dang good price.


When concealed carry is necessary, I carry a sub compact Glock 27 or a Walther PPK/S. When I’m open carrying a handgun it’s a full sized Glock or 1911. Because of the larger sight radius on a full sized gun, I’m more accurate. Also, the extra mass of a full sized pistol helps tame recoil so they don’t seem as snappy. I’m pretty big guy so recoil isn’t a big thing to me, but a larger framed pistol does make followup shots easier and more accurate for me.