Women Who Have Served


I am a female with multiple guns.
I am wondering if there are females out there that want to have a conversation.
I know women think different then men and training is different too.
I am a Vet (Combat Medic with identifiers) and am now addressing my time in service.
I have been in Mental Health (( occupation) well over 20 yrs.
I have witnessed and seen it all. (well not everything…I have not witness the atrocities of War like my brothers in arms.) A Deep Deep bow of respect to their courage and experience to wisdom.)
You are the gate keepers to FREEDOM, Thank You!
My name is Karla.


What say you, 91W? Not a female but I was a Cav Medic at Ft. Stewart from 2002-2006. Thanks for your service.


Welcome, and thank you for your service and your dedication to those who need that special care.


Thanks guys…
Women need a platform as you do… to speak their truth.
I have been sexually harassed,under investigation for someone else’s shit and pressed.
I left the Army under the Clinton Adm. I will not die in someone else’s country under “Peace Keeping therms”.
My AIT was a (NCO) cadre that used his position to have recruits to sleep with him.He had gone through 10 cycles till he was caught.
I spoke up!
This is difficult to speak.
Imagine your daughters or wives in this. Imagine… just imagine!
My throat is tight and I an say no more.


Karla, do you have a sub2000? How about posting a few photos of your firearms this will get the folks starting a conversation. Thank you


Yes Ken, I do have a sub 2000 2 Gen. I have recently bought the extended charging handle and rubber spacer grips. I will be buying trigger spring assembly and different up grades. I have the red dot in wait with Midwestern industries front mount that swivels and folding forward grip to boot. I have done my homework. I have a gun smith… to do the labor and I am set.

I am waiting for Pay day to make all purchases.

I realize that the forum is about gunnery not about our PTSD.

It has been the first time that I have spoken my truth safely.

It will not happen again.:girl::sunglasses:



@FocuedOne I think it’ll be pretty cool for a female to do all the upgrades in the Sub2k herself. I mean, how often do you hear that? Plus, I think females have the advantage due to smaller fingers compared to guys with sausage fingers. Only drawback is some patience and if you have bad eye sight for up close and trouble with little pieces.

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I will using a gun smith o put all the pieces together. Robbie is a really nice guy and sold me my 9mm when S&W Shield had a rebate. He shared some of his life and I was impressed with his integrity.Yes my eyes are compromised and look forward to practice with both eyes open and up grades,


Am vet here. sorry to hear about your terrible experience sometimes you need to share your feelings yes this gun forum but as vets we need to be there for each other we lost too many vet here in the USA after they serve there country and focuedone please try upgrade s yourself there easy and mcarbo has great vids to watch as you install more fulfilling to do things yourself am disabled and with a little in couragement I did all upgrades myself pro trigger job muzzle brake and recoilless charge handle all I have left to do is trigger bar and feed ramp trust me easyer to do then it looks

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Thanks Jeff for you encouragement. Some things I will do myself. I am dyslexic and diagrams give me problems. I know the spring kit is out of my led. I just figured since Robbie has my weapon might have him do it all. I will be doing my own muzzle break and install the buffer break. Thanks.


I understand I almost talked myself out doing it i got some encouragement from a couple of guys here and tried it and all worked out


Heh, funny. We own our S2K because my wife fell in love with it at the gun shop!! The owner showed it to us, she unfolded it, worked the bolt and dry-fired it a couple of times, folded it back up, hugged it, and stated “We’ll take it!”


We’ve been enjoying it ever since.

Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas


Gene, I find the Sub works for me. I had a horse accident that put limitations on my pistole hand and this is the answer. I like the fact that it folds up and has a broader range o function. I think in the times we live in, a home defense gun you can use is essential to a sense of well being and personal freedom.


Welcome to the group Karla. I also am currently a 68W, have been for 24 years. I believe you will like the people here. A lot of good info everyday.



If you ever need to talk to someone message me am up all kinda crazy hrs I know sometimes you need to vent or talk I need that at times too us vets need to stand together cause that’s what we do


Thanks all for the welcome and support.
I just turned in my Sub 2000 to my gun smith. Robbie is the best around. Pronghorn Precision is the gun shop I use in Chino Valley Az. It is usually occupied by old timers that want a conversation. I walk in like I own the West and the place goes silent. Don’t know what to think about that.
I get my Kel next week. I am thinking of giving “her” a name. Something stoic like…hum…G.I Jane or Grandma Jones. Just kidding. Really I will name her Kelly!
Anyway I am looking forward to going to the range and seeing if I can handle it with my limitations.
Hey Guys, do any of you use a sling? How does that work if it folded? I want to get one BUT don’t want it to get in the way.What do you suggest?


I got the MCARBO One Point Sling Mount and a FAB Defense bungee sling ($19). Super slick!


I have the single point attachment from mcarbo it works fine. I bought a cheap bunge sling from amazon and have no issues folding it.IMG_20180420_021933432%20(640x480)

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Thanks Guys for the insight and gun show. I like it.


your welcome and if you have any questions just ask. there is a new section that is for non gun topics so feel free to start a topic on whatever you feel like. No political or religious post and we do ask that there is no profanity, that coming from a Navy guy of 20 years. Sometimes it’s very hard not to fall into the old ways.