M*CARBO Brotherhood

Wishlist for Remington 597

Hi from Sweden!

Been a while since I where here, not due to lost interest but I have run out of things I can buy for my rifles from you at Mcarbo.

I have bought all upgrades for my Remington 597 you makes, and besides that almost all available 870 upgrades that are legal with my countrys law, and my hunting-permit allowance.

So as I am superhappy with all updates I want to wish you will develop an binary trigger for the Remington 597.

Can you make one similar to the one I found for the 10/22 here? FRANKLIN ARMORY® BFSIII® 22-C1 - Franklin Armory®

With Mcarbo knowledge, experience and skilled gunsmiths I am confident you can make a great product.

So, my simple wish are that you make one as soon as possible during given circumstances.

Ok for now, I hold my thumbs for this and in the meantime/waiting time I will go plinking with my just found cache of 5000 rds CCI Standard velocity 22lr ammo. I found it in a very little, not fancy, very small firearms dealer who almost had fallen into the memory hole from the rifle community in Sweden. They where super happy they finally they could sell that old box of ammo residing i their warehouse for some time:)

Best regards to all of you!


Excellent grab on the ammo, lucky find, good one.
Sorry, no comment on the binary trigger you wish for.
Best of luck, maybe it will happen. :+1: