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Wish Book (Print Gun/Equipment Catalogs)

I don’t get many print catalogs, so this old bulk mail piece got my attention. I get ship tons of email offers but this is the only ink on paper one, besides the obligatory Harbor Freight rag. But this CDNN catalog is 132 pages thick, packed with pics, prices, and cheap shipping! I’m quite taken by it. Qualifies as a bona fide Wish Book. (You guys old enough will remember the day the Sears Christmas catalog “Wish Book” hit the mail I’m sure!)

On my third thumb through, couple things I want. I appreciate a thorough catalog of guns, parts and accessories, everything in one place, don’t have to navigate countless pages on my iPhone! Are you guys out there getting any cool Wish Books? Who from?? Let’s see’em👍


CDNN is the site where guns go to die. Plenty of good deals to be had.


I miss the days of old print catalogs. This would be the time of year when I used to get all the gun manufacturers glossy publications with the beautiful pictures. I would thumb through them and dream!


@Boomchucker, Thanks for the post. Went to web site and perused their optics section. Looks like some good deals on name brands. :+1:


Thanks @Boomchucker you just made me miss the Shotgun News, that was gun porn