Will M Carbo install the integrated Tool-less locking pin for me?

Okay, the twist method worked like a champ! Honestly that should be the method shown in the first place!

Thank you guys for the help and offer of hands on help if I couldn’t get it.


That’s one thing I love about this forum, everyone is willing to help. Glad you got it taken care of.



Sure, my address is below. Just mail me your spring and new end, I will install it and mail it back. Or?

I am off the forum for now, too much foul politics for me. I don’t mind helping out. If your need to shoot is time urgent I can send you a new spring with the new SS end installed (my spare) and you can send me your parts later to replace them. I will need your address.

Thanks, Jim

James Shinn

6203 Towhee Dr.

Pinson, AL 35126


(205) 515-0383

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