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Will M Carbo install the integrated Tool-less locking pin for me?

Hey guys, so I ordered the KEL-TEC SUB-2000 M series Integrated Tool-Less Locking Pin for Aftermarket Charging Handles for my m-series and man does this look like a PITA. I’ve also read a LOT about it being a PITA to install so I was wondering what the process would be like for me to mail it to M carbo to install for me? I just don’t want to mess with it if I’m being completely honest lmao


@Jksoli2019 Yes you can but with all the info on this site available you can install in a few minutes. We’ve made all the mistakes and shown the cures.


ok i’ll do some more research. thank you for the help!


The easiest way I found to do it was to have someone help you. A lot easier if one compresses the spring while the other hooks the pin. I tried it by myself and after a while I started talking in tongues. My wife thought I was possessed. Went over to my brother in law and had it done in less than 5 minutes.
Good luck.


@Pviscald Thats what I did. Fiddled by myself for way too long. A friend came by & pulled down & we installed in a few seconds.


You can do it easy yourself. This is a method posted by @tinktrain1 that I used to get mine on and it only took a couple minutes and is super easy on the hands.

“Got mine today these a very easy way to clamp the spring down, remember a spring will act like a bolt, put the supplied allen key between the 2 parts like Chris said grab the spring and spin it round and round. because the allen key is held in place the spring will slide past the allen key tightening as it passes it. its that easy. no fuss no muss. I was able to get over 1/2 space between the spring and the pin with little to no effort. No tools needed!!! Then pop in the new part and twist the other way less than 1 minute complete time spent…”


There have also been some problems with twisting the spring hook ends from the clamp and twist method. I have built a couple of simple devices that I use to install. They both use use spring compression. One takes a bit of hand strength the other takes near zero hand strength, both can install the pin in under 60 seconds.
I will put the replacement part in your spring free. Just mail me your spring and new integrated end and I will mail the spring with the new part installed back to you. And of course return the old end. Do t want more old ends lying about :grin:
PM for my address.



Kudos to @Oneof6 ! I took him up on his offer last year and he was so cool about it. I like that about this community… people always willing to help out in one way or another. Thank you again James!!! :+1::us: