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Will Kel-Tec offer retro fit when new gen III arrives?

I’ve Heard all the rumors of the GenIII coming out sometime around the shot show. Frankly, I’m not that interested. I’d much rather see a retro kit being made available where the GenII would get the new sides that will accept the collar nut threads, or new collar nut. With the new trigger bar and folding sight mount the only things I’m waiting on, my Subbie is most awesome! If they don’t, I can see a huge profit center for MCarbo in a project like this.
Any thoughts, brothers?

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I’m guessing you’ll be able to buy the parts yourself to convert it or, like Kel-Tec does now with G1 to G2 conversions, pay them $150 to do it. Seems pretty fair to me.

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I don’t think I’d jump on a gen 3 immediately, they can work out the bugs with other consumers and maybe a year or 2 later I’ll jump on that band wagon and get me an upgrade, or get one second hand that’s been all fixed up for half the price😛