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Why we conceal carry

If this doesn’t convince people that we need a police force and our 2nd Amendment right to protect ourselves & others…nothing will. https://apple.news/AfHhU4C51QJONzeNClhKGCg


@ChrisNelson cant remember a day after i got separated, that was somewhat abruptly in 1994, that i hadnt strapped on a shoulder rig, with the days loadout. more likely to forget my wallet, watch or blasted cellphone, than not strap up. I got lax once, cause i was home, but got thru it, learned a lesson, and never did it again. In these uncertain times, thats one thing im never uncertain about.


If only I could, seems legislators in Maryland don’t take kindly to armed law-abiding civilians, puts the fear in 'em…and we’ve got more 2A infringement on the docket this year in Annapolis…

Don’t like to see others die but I’m afraid Mr. Ruis earned that one. Hope the officer and stabbing victim come out of it on the upside.


Odin says concealed carry:

Stanza 38, Hamaval

“Let a man never stir on his road a step
without his weapons of war;
for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise
of a spear on the way without.”



it’ll always be the one day you get lazy and aren’t strapped that you need it. Better to suck it up and wear it 100,000 times and not need it than not have it that one time you do.


Sadly, this sort of thing happens many times every day. The perp is drugged out, mentally ill, or just plain mean, and many just DGAF. If not stopped here, this vermin would have gone on to hurt more people than just the one he stabbed - it was in his nature. I refuse to feel sorry for him or anyone else who uses violence unnecessarily.

I feel naked - vulnerable - when I can’t carry (because of work) or don’t have a firearm within reach. Like @Chris19d said, better to have it and not need it…


Stanza 1, Hamaval
At every door-way,
ere one enters,
one should spy round,
one should pry round
for uncertain is the witting
that there be no foeman sitting,
within, before one on the floor

One of my favorites - head on a swivel, situational awareness. Incidentally, for those interested, a decent translation is here:


Tensions are running very high here in MI, as well as most of the US. It’s a pretty dangerous situation, confronting anyone these days…
Dont forget, you can seemingly do everything right, and still be in for a heck of a fight to defend your freedom.


Not my favorite translation, but Stanza 1 is another of my favorites.


That Officer did an awesome job
She cleared a malfunction while the guy was attacking her. Totally righteous shoot.


Yeah, caught that. Training works.


Something else most non-gun people will never notice is that one - or two or three or even more - bullet didn’t put the perp down. Movies and TV are nothing like real life - the fight isn’t over until the threat is neutralized.


I saw a comment posted below that body cam video on a news site, some troll trying to start something by raising a stink about how many times the officer shot. Shoot until they stop. Sure looked to me like he dropped his weapons (possibly from being hit) and bent over to pick them up with the intent of continuing the fight.


Crazy God damned world anymore.


I have my LTC but I don’t often carry. Had this not been an LE shooting, things would come out differently…
It is a crazy world, but its also crazy enough for a licensed shooter defending himself or others to go to jail and end up in civil court for a justified shooting.


I actually have this one.

Posting 'cause I agree with the statement.


Even better when the family of the crim you shot sue you in civil court for the emotional anguish they’re suffering as a result of you killing their loved one. Nothing spells comfort from the loss of a loved one better than a few million smackers in the bank.

The fact that he broke in your house at 3am on a Sunday morning is irrelevant. As Clint Smith said (paraphrasing), “If all you had to worry about was the law it would be a slam dunk. It’s the prosecuting attorney’s version of the law you need to worry about…”


If this vermin attacked you and you didn’t kill them, you wouldn’t be going to jail, you’d be going to the morgue. No one is “unarmed” - hands, feet, a rock, etc. are all weapons. Even a pencil (thanks, John Wick). When someone says they’re going to hurt you or kill you, you have no choice but to believe them.


Thank you, Phuzz. This simple fact is lost on many/most. That’s why I refer to my guns as firearms…I don’t own any weapons… :wink:


Too many people are just LOOKING for a reason to be “offended”.