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Why Should I (Rock) A Glock?

Why should I buy a Glock? They are like Toyota’s and rabid Alabama fans! They are everywhere! I’m not a band wagon kind of guy, ie most Alabama fans! So I have not been interested in Glock’s. The reason I bring this up is I was in our local Sportsman Warehouse and was glancing at the wall of guns they have. They were not busy so they were very willing to help. The main topic was Glock’s. I have put several rounds through a 17 and a 43 that family have but I just have never really wanted one. I continued to eyeball the Beretta APX. But they were extolling the great virtues of the Glock! But the conversation got me to thinking should I really buy a Glock? After several hours of internet looking, I believe a 19 is what I would consider. Then I came across P80s. The build your own polymer Glock from an 80% completed frame. Is it really worth building my own or just buy the real thing?


Interesting topic, I have really consider picking one up myself. I already own. 40 cals and with the recent change in FBI load standards, ammo prices, and bullet technology everyone seems to be traded them in. I have seen many used/police trade in’s loaded with extra mags and night sights for $200-$400 dollars. I think that’s fair and am thinking of picking up a few.



When I bought my Glock 17 Gen 4 in 2012 I had known nothing about them other than how it felt in my hand. I had learned a lot about them and how easy it was to shop for them with all of the extras. My suggestion would be to get the Polymer 80 frame and build it to your specifications. You will end up throwing more money at it anyway. They are really easy to build and each one is never the same…


I own a G19 Gen 4, G17 Gen 3 and G43 but not a huge Glock fan. From an ergonomics and shooting perspective, my XDM 4.5 9mm is a better gun but the Glock’s are lighter, less expensive and easier to carry. On the downside, the Glock hump, terrible factory sights and mushy heavy trigger. Glock’s can also malfunction if limp wristed. They are my EDC and home defense guns but not my favorites to shoot. Check out the XD, XDM and M&P Gen 2. Those are comparable guns which regard to reliability and general price range.

Your choice will be based on your budget, your intended use, how it feels in your hands and how well you can shoot it, not necessarily what brand. I don’t think Glocks are really anything special anymore because there are a lot of good polymer frame, striker fired, SAO hand guns on the market which are reliable. Spend some time shooting different guns. It will make your decision much easier.


Glock set the standard for durability and reliability for a semi-auto pistol decades ago. The aftermarket support is huge. Sure, lots of people don’t like the grip and trigger, but that certainly doesn’t make it a bad gun. Tons of people have no problem with either. And, all of that can be easily changed/upgraded. As for building a Polymer80, they’re pretty cool. I just did a frame for my Glock 26 since I already had one. If you’re going to build one from the ground up, you won’t save any money. You’ll very likely spend considerably more than buying a new one, but that isn’t why we build them. :+1:


Shoot them and find out. Spent a decent night at the range going through a 17, 19, 21 and 26. I’m so0o0o0o getting the 26 but actually didn’t care for the others which is what I tried back in the day when I first got a gun. Wish I had tried the 26 though.


Factory Glocks are super reliable, but need a little work in my opinion. I didn’t really care for them too much until a friend talked me into getting a G26 for EDC. Now I love them. I also have a G17, both Gen 3. Personally, I love the Gen 3 models. You can pick them up lightly used for a good price. I gave under $400 for each of mine in barely used condition. Once you get one set up to your taste, you will love it. There are so many mods and accessories available, you will never have a problem spending your money :joy:

Forgot to mention, as was stated above, the 40 S&W is going out of favor with a lot of departments. I was in a local Tampa area shop a few months ago, and they had 2 tables full of Police Surplus 40 S&W models dirt cheap.


I have a personal Love/hat relationship with the trigger safety, but i adapted around that . I didnt particularly like glocks, but, they so many of them out there, that you need to be familiar with the platform operation /firing if nothing else. I have a 17 and a 19. picked the 19 up as a package deal with the Gen 1 sub 2000, had a issue with it (kinda bassakwards, had a issue with the glock, sub ran perfect) that Wedge helped me work out, the 17, the price was right, just couldnt turn it down,
Ive never been one that had to have the current flavor of the month, but i wont turn down a good deal, so I will probably end up with a glock in 40 cal, as i already load for that round…


The only interest I would have in a Glock myself would be a Polymer 80 build. Consensus is the ergos are way better, and you can build a fancier version for cheaper.

If you’re gonna upgrade to really trick it out, Glock is a good platform. But if you just want a G19 size striker fired gun, a M&P 2.0c, CZ P10c, HK VP9, Walter PPQ, and probably one or two others gets you an equivalent/better gun for usually cheaper.

I love my M&P 2.0. Great grip texture and ergonomics, solid carry trigger, etc.


Any well trained monkey can do anything break fix wise to a Glock, I don’t think anyone beats Glock on that regard

Not the best gun IMO but the best gun overall all things considered

I have plenty of Glocks and CZs but what do I shoot in competition? A humble Ruger SR9. Just mentioning as we’re all individuals and shouldn’t be overly swayed by what the “cool kids” do. Do what works best for you.

Definitely every guy owes it to himself to build up an 80% … It’s our right!


My .02, never cared for the trigger, even more after shooting a ppq, Glock grip was uncomfortable to me, and just didn’t see the value for $. What I did care for was the simplicity and reliability. Decided to go the build route and fell in love. I’ve completed many now and can tell you that it’s hard press to build one cheaper then buying new. It can be done if you cash in on some major sales or go used parts but then you can’t really compare with buying a new one.

The cheapest I can think of are the following
P80 lower 75
Lower kit 50
Slide 150
Slide kit 60
Sights 10
Barrel 75
So 420 and no mags
In these times a new oem complete slide at anything under 400 would be considered a good deal so with that your at over 500.

Is it worth it, hell yea, :joy:


I agree, the simplicity alone sells me. Fewer parts than any other gun out there. Not a fan of the ergos either, but overall, they just plain work. That said, I’m more “die hard” towards Gen 3 guns … Those have the longest service record worldwide than any other gens. That’s just a fact.

Cool about the bug you caught building your own, I’m jealous. Have a lower collecting dust!

Hottest deal I couldn’t resist are the Glock 22 (40 Cal) gen 3s LEO guns … $300, that’s a no brainier to me…


The reason they are “everywhere” is because they are reliable, affordable and have a huge selection of aftermarket parts and accessories. I would highly recommend a Gen 3 or 4. With the interchangeable grip backstraps you can select the best fit for your hand size. Things like extended mag or slide releases can be had in the $20 range. I carried a Glock 27 40cal for my last 15yrs as a LEO. Still carry one now 11yrs after retirement, but upgraded last year from what essentially was a gen1 to a gen4.


Thank you gentlemen for all the good advice. I am seriously considering doing the polymer 80 thing. I’m a paycheck to paycheck guy, so plopping down around $500 is just out of the question right now. But building my own through the year sounds a little better. I mean if I can tear down engines and put them back together. I should have the aptitude to build a poly 80! Besides I’m only a sophomore in YouTube university, I’m sure there’s plenty of how to’s or don’t do it this way or you’ll be sorry videos out there! Thank you again!


LoL on “you tube sophomore”

I like your approach to fund the project over time. That will give you opportunity for good buys, and just be more enjoyable a project. The good news bad news for me is that I have money for toys and buy stuff when I want, like a spoiled brat!

Your way just seems more fun because it prolongs the pleasure, and just more noble too


Truth be told … Wouldn’t you prefer to carry 40 cal vs 9mm?

All I know is that 40 sure rings steel harder than 9mm


For what it is worth, I’ll try to add to the conversation. I’m one of those guys who likes to read this forum but don’t have much to contribute. That said, I would like to tell you a little about my personal experience regarding Glocks and other EDC sidearms. First of all, I’m not a Glock fan boy. The ergonomics, at least to me, are not good. The grip angle is the biggest thing I have against them. John Moses Browning got it right with the 1911 in a lot of ways, particularly with the grip angle. “Pointability” is important to me.

I finally got a Gen 3 Glock 19 and carried it for about a year after a lot of time running it to get used to it. I run at least 200 rounds through any gun before I’ll consider it for EDC. The main reason I depended on it for EDC was for its reliability. I have put about 1,200 rounds through it without a hiccup. Cheap bulk ammo, brass case, steel case, hand loads, defense rounds, it doesn’t care, it eats anything. It just plain works.

As stated above, Glocks have tremendous aftermarket support. I replaced the stock magazine release with an extended version. To me, one of the biggest advantages is holster availability. They are everywhere. I have the proverbial drawer full of holsters, like most people who carry every day. Magazines are readily available and can be found at good prices. Having lived through the Clinton gun (and magazine) ban, I will never be caught short again. I am not comfortable unless I have at least six magazines for every firearm I own. Ammo? Buy it cheap and stack it deep. Don’t ever get caught short. The times are a changing, as they say.

I have carried a 1911, H&K USP 9, H&K USP 45, Sig P229, Beretta 92, and a Ruger 9E. I like all of them, but they are a little heavy for EDC, so I got a Ruger LC-9S. That was my first striker fired hand gun and I love that little gun. It has a very good trigger, and I know that Rugers are very reliable. I was very happy carrying that gun for a long time.

I finally got my Glock 19 for its reliability and aftermarket support (holsters and magazines). Then I saw a Kel-Tec Sub2000 at The Man Store (local gun store). It was the Glock 19 version so I got it for magazine compatibility along with all its other desirable features. I live in a Free State where I can not only carry open (silly!) or concealed, but I can also have loaded rifles and shotguns in my vehicle as well. Can you say KSG? Oh, we can carry switch blades, too. Well, I did say Free State. So, the Sub2000 started living in a small backpack along with three 33 round magazines and three 17 round mags plus one 17 round mag in the gun itself. This is when I started carrying the Glock 19. I had magazine compatibility between my carry gun and my truck gun with pretty much a combat load out. Not a bad setup if I needed it, I reckon.

I’ve had back problems for a long time. My primary care provider (we called them doctors back in my day) is a personal friend who occasionally comes over to shoot with me. I have a range at the end of my driveway with paper targets, steel targets, and a dueling tree. What’s not to like? Anyway, he told me I should consider going back to the Ruger LC-9S to help relieve some of my back pain. I was skeptical but did it anyway. Turns out he was right, it did help me. So, the Glock 19 lives in the center console and the Sub2000 load out is in the truck when I go anywhere.

I apologize for the lengthy post. What I’m leading up to is that I didn’t go the polymer 80 route due to lack of holster selection. For some people it is the way to go, and that’s fine. If you plan to EDC it, make sure you like the holster.

I have gone through a lot of holsters including Crossbreed, Alien Gear, and others. I strongly recommend to everyone to check out Raw Dog Tactical, now at https://redlinecarry.com. They have very high quality holsters at a good price. I really like their holsters and have four of them and will probably get at least one more. They are my first choice for EDC. Do yourself a favor and check them out. They are only 38 bucks for an excellent piece of gear. They are an American company in Texas (can I get a “Hell Yeah!”) and are some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. I have spent way over double that for holsters that now reside in my holster “museum”.

I still hold my Ruger LC-9S in high regard, but felt the need for higher magazine capacity. Then a buddy at The Man Store showed me his Sig P365. I fondled it and immediately got on the waiting list. Even with the TWELVE ROUND magazine, it is still slightly smaller than my wife’s Glock 43, which I detest. Remarkably, it fits my hand very well and has the grip angle I like. I think that is very important because if I really need to use it, I don’t want to have to adjust my wrist to get on target. I have been carrying it every day, all day, for about three months. It is so comfortable that I don’t even notice it. This Sig and the Ruger LC-9S are the only two hand guns I can say that about. It also shoots very well and is reliable. By the way, the Sig P365 comes with a really good set of what they call day/night sights. Tritium sights standard issue? Yep. Turns out to be less expensive than if you got a stock Glock and added night sights. This Sig is a Glock killer for EDC.

So now my EDC is the Sig P365 with 12 + 1 and a backup 12 round mag. I’ve already talked about my truck guns and standard load out. All in all, I like my setup and feel like I’m fairly well prepared if the need arises. If I have to go to a city, I give my KSG a road trip along with the standard load out. I avoid cities and do NOT like them, but sometimes you gotta go

Back to whether to get a Glock, factory or DIY, I recommend you get one even if you don’t particularly like them. They work. You can get a good deal on a used Glock 19 and at least have a good working spare around the house, if nothing else. I’m not particularly fond of them for for EDC, but that’s just me. If you have a Sub2000 configured for Glock mags, it makes a lot of sense to have a Glock for magazine compatibility.

Now you see why I don’t post often. If you read this far, thank you for listening to my opinions and experiences. If you didnt, well I figure it’s your loss. heh…


I throughly enjoyed your post. So please do post more. Thanks for your write up and insist. Also the link to the holster :+1:


Thank you, I’m glad I could help!


I like a good thoughtful read like this when I get up. Better’n the morning news. :+1: