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Why Should I Buy A Glock?


Ok I’m all woke up! I have a Glock 17, with a Crimson Trace laser and Inforce tactical light.

I understand about the ergonomics of the grip/sight picture acquisition, but to me that effect is mitigated by using the laser sight. My vision is all downfield, the instant the dot landsBAM! and I can pull off neckshots at will. If I use the irons, I’m bouncing between bifocals and target with less consistent results.

Do I like other guns better? Yes! I love all my guns. They all exude ‘sacred stuff’ to me. But a FN 509 Tactical makes my heart go boom. A Wilson Combat 1911 made me feel all atwitter. And I’ll probably have to address those issues someday soon. :roll_eyes:


I agree with you on the Sigs, one of the few guns I didn’t have to add a number of aftermarket parts to make it “fit” me. When I’m not carrying my Glock 27, which is highly modified, I carry a Sig 1911. Out of the box, it’s everything most guns wish they were. Only thing I changed was to go to Hogue finger groove grips.


The first pistols I ever bought were a Glock 23 and Glock 27, Gen 4, which are 40 cal. I would recommend Glocks for anyone just starting out with pistols, due to their simplicity, tons of modifications that are available, and volumes of suggestions and articles about how to tweak them. While they are the plain VW in the lot, they rarely fail to work and are easy to completely tear down. Since I can’t seem to leave things alone, I ended up changing all kinds of stock parts (sights, slide take-down bar and stop, etc.), shaving the underneath of the trigger guard and beaver tail, and even adding grip covers. I even bought 40cal-to-9mm conversion barrels and found that my 40cal mags worked fairly well with 9mm rounds (not recommended for self protection situations). I wish I had known about being able to kit-build, since I more than doubled the original cost of my weapons. All that said, I have grown to love my Sigs and CZs more than the Glocks, but I wouldn’t trade the fun shooting them and the learning experience for anything.


Good question, and I can’t think of a single reason. The only ‘Glock’ we have in the house are two Glock-brand magazines for our S2K and 9mm AR-15.

My wife and I have several different handguns, but neither have enjoyed shooting a Glock, so there are none in the safe.


I own 4 Glocks. In 9mm I have a Glock 17 and 26. In .40 I have a Glock 22 and 27. The 26 is my wife’s daily carry and the 27 is my daily carry with an IWB holster. The 17, with Streamlight light/green laser stays in my GHB along with my 9mm S2K. The 22 is also outfitted with a Streamlight light/green laser and stays in my nightstand for things that go bump in the night. They aren’t the prettiest guns made, but you can’t argue with their reliability.
I have also added a Ghost Evo trigger to the 17 which is MUCH better than the stock trigger. Someday I’ll add that same trigger to the other 3. All of them are also outfitted with tritium night sights.


Great read, thanks. My truck load out is also a Glock 19, S2K and 200 rounds of Winchester PDX1. My EDC is a Glock 43 and my wife carries a M&P 9C.


When I first saw your book long post I do have to confess I thought no way am I reading that

However, your story sucked me in and I read the whole thing. Post anytime!


I used the Hogue finger groove grips on a 1911 and Sig P-229 for awhile. I liked them for target shooting, but I found that I couldn’t get a proper grip when drawing from my IWB holster. My hands aren’t “just right”, I guess.

The same thing applies to my Gen 3 Glock 19. I really don’t like the finger grooves on them. and am considering removing them. I found a gunsmith who specializes in modifying Glocks to do this, and will also get rid of the grip hump. I’m not sure I really want to invest in that since it isn’t my EDC now.


Nice setup! I’ve had lights and lasers on most of my guns at one time or another and really like having my focus down range, like you said. That’s why I have an Eotech on my go-to rifle, and red dots on several others.

I hear you about the bifocals! I have transition lenses and don’t like bobbing my head up and down to acquire a target and proper sight alignment. You know, old age and all that. I particularly like Eotechs and red dots since I gave up minute-of-angle for minute-of-perp. In another life long ago I was a competitive rifle and pistol shooter, but my degrading vision and physical condition caused me to transition from X-Ring to steel targets. I love them! Since I live in the country, I have a range right at the end of my driveway and even shoot off the porch if I feel like it. Life is good!


@Scooter, @Boomchucker,
NIce loadout. Defense ammo is probably a good idea for its own topic if we don’t already have one (Boomchucker?). I’m still not that familiar with this forum and I really like that everyone is friendly and helpful.

I like the PDX1, but went for the Hornady Critical Duty 135 gr +P for my carbines and hand guns except for wife’s Glock 43 and my Sig P365, which is now my EDC. For these two with the short barrels, I feed them 125 gr +P Short Barrel Gold Dots. Both these rounds are hard to find. If you want to get some Short Barrel Gold Dots, I’ll scrounge up the link for you.


I too went with the Ghost trigger on my original Glock 27, but when I upgraded to a gen4 mod 27 I put in an Orange County Custom trigger. They can be ordered with a high polish trigger bar and with adjustments to shorten trigger pull and to shorten the reset. Also can choose between grooved or smooth trigger. Easy to install and no “fitting” required. Cost about $125, but this is an amazing trigger. I am no gunsmith by any stretch, but had no problem installing them. Also put one in my wife’s Glock mod 43. Reduced the trigger pull in both to about 4lbs.


That’s the great thing about the “after market” today. So many top quality accessories for just about any gun out there. Everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to fit, feel and aesthetics. Not like it was back in the 70’s when I was issued my S&W mod 15 38spec. The only modification you were allowed to make was to switch to the larger “magnum” grips. Today, guns are kind of like tricking out my Harley, you can make it your own. (though not nearly as expensive as the Harley)


Built a number of pistols using the Lone Wolf frame. it comes with an adjustable trigger for take up and overtravel. I am 5’-5” with smaller hands and the slim “Lone Wolf” design fits me better than Glock. I find it easier to get into a good firing grip and shooting position. Good for Competition, USPSA type activity. Would not use for self defense and prefer a “unaltered stock pistol”, a SIG 365 for that purpose when carrying, and a full size Kimber in 45 ACP at home. I am a NRA instructor, former USP SA, OIC and RSO for Military so I’m not a novice. Shooting for 40+ years.


Basically, If you llke Glocks, then purchase/shoot Glocks. If you like something else, then purchase/shoot something else. But beyond the “Basics”, sometimes there are other reasons for purchasing a particular handgun (or other firearm, for that matter) when said handgun may not be your favorite…

I together with my wife, own four Glocks. The reason that we purchased the first two (a 34 and 35) were to pair with our KelTec Sub 2K Gen 2’s, in our CARsenals (see photo). The reason that I purchased two others was that CA DOJ (actually a misnomer, as Dept of “Injustice” is a more apt descriptor) will probably move them “off list” and they won’t then be available in CA for purchase in the future (until that is, we move out of CA to TX in order to live our lives surrounded by other Patriotic Americans who abhor the Nanny State and cherish the Constitution, then we’ll be able to own anything we want).

Due to ergonomic issues (e.g, natural point-of-aim) and other preferences (i.e., triggers), we prefer/shoot SIG’s, Rugers and 1911’s, However, in the event of having to at some point utilize our CARsenals to either respond to and engage an active shooter or as SHTF preps should a major earthquake strike SoCal while we’re away from home and have access to our vehicles, we opted to assemble our CARsenals based upon pairing the Glock (mags) with the Sub 2K’s. Plus, in the event that for whatever reason our legally-possessed/transported CARSenals were stolen or seized (well, same thing if/when the government takes your guns versus some shitbag breaking into your vehicle) by LE following engagement of an AS or a SHTF scenario, then “losing” a Glock would be a lot less painful than losing a tricked-out P226 or 1911.

Some of my friends love Glocks, while others not so much. To us, Glocks are tools that while good to have when you need them, are not our “preferred” tools of choice.


I too enjoyed your post. Sometimes words of wisdom are needed. I’m 6’3 and 320lbs and I carry an Ruger LCP custom. I just love it! My hands may be big for it because it’s small. I wear overalls with deep pockets everyday still love carrying it! I’m running Underwood Xtreme Defender 65 gr. I also have a Ruger 9E and I really enjoy it also. Thank you again for your post.



Thank you very much, I appreciate that. I do get on a roll sometime (grin).


@albundy (David)

Thanks for the detailed post. Yeah, I was not sure about reading it all at first, either, but I did.

So, how do you like the Sig P365? Seems a little light (so, I am guessing the recoil is a little much?). Your thoughts? Accuracy good?

How did going back to the Ruger LC9S help your back?