Why Not An M-Series In .40?


Why arent there going to be an M-SERIES WITH .40 Cal options. I and many others I’m sure have the S2K in 9mm and have it done up with everything M*CARBO has to to offer. I would like to see and purchase the M-SERIES in .40 cal !!
What are your guys thoughts ??


@Hilton not a bad idea, but all things considered they will sell more 9mm. Maybe the .40 will be in the second batch if the first offering is successful?

Myself I would be happy with a true full length handguard that runs the length of the barrel! :grin::+1:


They can’t handle the recoil of the 40 Cal you see alot of guy wanting to reduce recoil on the 9 mm next they’ll want a self shooting gun lol


@Jefft1967 reduced recoil aids in faster sight acquisition and follow up shots. It’s only logical to want a softer shooting gun. :+1:t2:


It all depends on what you are using it for plus who is shooting it, I don’t think .40 recoil is bad at all and I shoot 9mm as well. If you shoot in competitions you want lowest recoil possible for quick follow up shots and you also want cheap ammo because you will go through alot of it. If you want it for home defense or truck gun then I would take .40 S&W over 9mm. The .40 recoil can be tamed alot with all the MCARBO recoil reducing upgrades plus some type of butt stock pad is also needed. Was there not an MCARBO survey a while back asking who had what caliber and there were just as many .40 owners as 9mm?


I will put it this way one well placed shot and I don’t need a follow up shot cause the 40 Cal knocked them down period one and done


@Jefft1967 well, one well placed shot on a 32 round field stage means you just missed 31 other shots and came in dead last. Your applications of use don’t apply to everyone.


If anyone has a particular caliber or grip option they want on the next batch give us a call or email. We’re about to put in the purchase order for the next 200 M-SERIES Carbines. We’re planning on mixing in a few of the other options this time around.


I understand you do your competition so you worry about 32 shots I worry about my first shot as it may be my life or his in a home invasion or something else


Not criticizing your type of shooting