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Why Do Things Pick Inopportune Moments?

Why is it EVERY time there is a little extra in the budget something breaks or needs replaced? Just got a decent bonus at work that COULD have been turned into something fun. Insert new pistol or even an AR here. Unfortunately, as usual, the clothes washer decided to take a dump. With a $750 price tag to repair, we’re just gonna get a new one. But there went my pistol. Or my attempt to play in the AR game, for now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the extra is there for the washer, but damn. No new fun for me. Oh well. I DID just get home from vacation.


It’s called “Murphys Law”. If something can go wrong it will.


Those type situations usually come in 3’s, so hang on for the next 2 !


I had all 3 in one day friday. My aunts car started skipping so i got new plugs and wires. Found out it was skipping because one of old plugs was broke off top half laying loose inside plug wire. Bottom half still in motor. Finally got broke plug out put all new plugs and wires on snd car was skipping even worse. Started all over pulling each plug out and double checking everything and 4th plug i pulled back out was cracked but barely enough to even see it cracked. Went exchanged that bad plug put new plug in car is fixed. Then it was time to get grass mowed and done spent 400 bucks on my mower this year. Made 2 swipes around the yard and motor blew on mower. I was so damn pissed off at how the whole day had been going i put mower in neutral and gave it a shove and let it fly down the hill in back yard until i heard it crash into the woods. But to bounce back i had a good weekend set up at flea market selling my leather goods so i guess ill be lookin at mowers this coming week.


Kind of like asking yourself “How did the cashier know how much cash I had in my wallet?”


$750? That thing better fold ’ em and put 'em away!
I live alone these days but have had to repair both appliances ( washer and dryer) a couple times in the last few years. I refuse to Facebook but I lost my refrigerator last year and my son called me within minutes after I told him. He found a 25 ft. KitchenAid side x side with ice maker for $ 125 that was like new on Facebook.
I jumped on it.


Well if it helps, my dish washer just kicked the bucket. Then a new job I interviewed for (great sucess) called me today to tell me they will offer minimum wage and part time, best they can do now :rage::rage::angry::angry:.

Waiting on the third strike now. Let is be a soft one please.


FWIW, I heartily recommend Speed Queen brand washers and dryers. Not exactly cheap but the best available (commercial quality) and last for 20 years on average before needing any repairs


It’s 99.9BAR% always a result of living paycheck to paycheck with very little-to-no emergency savings fund to use as a buffer, aka “normal” American living…

In normal life, something is ALWAYS breaking, needing maintenance, etc. It’s not like “it” knows you have a little bit of extra money, so it decides to go all FUBAR right then. It doesn’t work that way.


Oh, snap!



Ive had 2 dishwashers quit over the years. Buts thats only cause i told them i was done with them. Wife/girlfriend joke


I use to live paycheck to paycheck. Now I live direct deposit to direct deposit.


I don’t live month to month. I live billing cycle to billing cycle, lol!


Same thing. The only difference is the delivery method of the funds. :+1:


Totally understand.

I had a Ford Taurus wagon I believe was the clairvoyant - every time I managed to save a few hundred bucks, it decided it needed a new whatever.


Dryers are simple machines……if you can put an AR together….then you can disassemble a dryer, repair it and reassemble it. Save the $ $ $ and do it yourself…then go out and get yourself something new with the $ $ you save !