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Why All The Animosity Against Kel Tec?

@wedge well that explains alot. I have never owned one of their pistols so did not know that.

Kel tec only came on my radar with the ksg, have been more than pleased with those!

My club recently after much bickering added pcc to the matches. Needless to say there was a lot of “show & tell” going on at the first pcc match. Mostly high end, custom AR style builds costing thousands.

And I show up with a $369 S2K, pretty much dismissed from the start because it is a Kel Tec. But for that $$ I had a fast shooting, light recoil carbine, that was 6" shorter, and 2 + pounds lighter than anything else out there.

I shot all four stages clean and while my transitions were slow (physical disability) my splits were blazing fast. My double taps could be covered by a single tape.

still the attitude was it is not a serious pcc gun.


I’ve consistently read that their long guns were much better than their pistols. My experience with the Gen 2 SUB2000 supports that. I wouldn’t mind getting a KSG and that bullpup (RSB or something?) of theirs, but I have so many guns that I hardly ever shoot as it is. My home defense shotgun hasn’t been fired since the single digit 2000s. I do keep it clean and lubed, though. :+1:


I can see that. Even though mine has been reliable (so far), I just can’t bring myself to ever actually rely on it for anything beyond plinking.

@Wedge warning! If you get a ksg you will end up shooting ammo cans of shells. Not only will you shoot it more but everyone else will want to shoot it as well!

I once left a pair of ksgs and an ammo can of 300 slug rounds with my nephew and his friend to try out on the range. While I was on the other end talking with my brother for maybe 15-20 minutes.

When I came back to check on them they had emptied the entire damn can!

I couldn’t chew 'em out thougn…their big grins were worth the $300!


I’ll bet! I don’t really have any plans to get one, though. I’m zero for five with every single one of my Kel-Tecs having to go back to the mothership, sometimes more than once. I FINALLY thought I got a good one with my SUB2000 and then, boom… Nope. What do I get for giving them one more chance after 12+ years? Recall notice drops and it had to go back, too! It’s always something with them. :rofl:


@Wedge I appreciate your replies. It clears up a lot for me. I am fairly new to Kel Tecs, got my first one 2013, and so far they have all been KSGs and gen2 sub2000’s.

I guess I missed the company’s growing pains. But I have put enough rounds through the ones I have to be pleased and trust them as carry/defense weapons.


That’s what I thought with my P-11 that had a lot of rounds through it and had been 100% reliable. I carried it. I trusted it to save my life if I ever needed it. Then the extractor breaks and completely shuts the gun down. That will get ya killed in a gunfight. I lost all hope for any Kel-Tec at that point and it’s the main reason I won’t rely on my SUB2000 for any serious duty even though it’s never had a malfunction (yet), either. I can’t help but think about what’s going to break on it the next time out, a year from now, whatever. Plus, that recall really left a sour note. Everyone says, “Yeah, but it’s so easy to do and it’s free!” Really? It cost me a day’s paid vacation and I couldn’t even go anywhere because I had to sit at home to sign for it. That cost me more than it did to buy the damned thing. I’ll never go “cheap” again with a firearm intended for any sort of defensive use. Yeah, I’m still a little pissed about it. :rofl:

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1,000+ rounds/mo since March’s recall. I never sent mine back :slight_smile:

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I hope your luck keeps holding out. I also had 1000+ rounds through mine and some of that was +p pistol carry rounds to check for reliability. I had that same intention of not sending mine back until I took it out ONCE after finding out about the recall. The mental “flinch” from wondering if the very next round could be “the one” was insurmountable (maybe not now, tomorrow or even this year, but?), so mine had to go back. :smiley:

I figure that could happen to any rifle/pistol though. I can google and find pictures of blown out sigs, glocks, ar’s . If my sub does die then I have to send it back anyway. Mines pushing 12,000 rounds in its lifetime. That gives me the confidence to keep going with it the way it is.


@Wedge my carry pistol is a walther PPQ m2. I am more than pleased with it and trust it completely. My wife also has one that she uses in competition. Simple, utterly reliable, great trigger, good ergonomics, and ejects mags quickly. Plus it is made by a company with a well established history.

But I must say, at least in the case of the ksg and s2k that I have equal confidence. (I probably wont be buying one of their pistols though)

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I carry a pmr30 everyday. I don’t lube the cases , I just polished the feed ramp like I do with all my guns. I can make a video of 30 rounds rapid fire cycling just fine.

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@Matt are you sure thats such a good idea? A barrel failure is a pretty serious issue, not something to risk!

Both my gen2’s avoided the recall, but those who did send theirs in seemed pretty pleased with the turn around time.

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Absolutely. Ultimately, we all have to go on what we trust, gut feeling, etc. It’s very personal. I trust my Glocks since I’ve been shooting them since the early '90s and have more rounds through them than any other type of pistol combined. I’ve never had a single thing break on any of them. Can it happen? Sure, but that’s what I’ve decided to place my trust in and, sorry, that’s never going to be Kel-Tec. :slight_smile:

An over pressure situation can blow out/up anything. That’s not the gun’s fault.

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But think about how it would fail in this case with the ones affected by the recall like ours were. I won’t use a rilfe knowing that I’ve been informed that it has the potential of blowing up in my face just from normal use with good ammo.


@Matt @Wedge I have to completely agree with wedge on this point. Send it in, get your free magazine, and be safe!

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Oh, there’s been much wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Kel-Tec Facebook pages. Last I saw the time was 8 weeks+ and that was recently. Mine was gone for over five weeks. That tells me they didn’t make fixing them absolutely top priority. I highly doubt they really had so many returns that it would have taken weeks and weeks of doing nothing but fixing them before they got to someone’s rifle. If that were truly the case, they should have shut the entire new production line down and made it an all hands working party to get these things fixed for their customers. If they’d done that, there’s no way someone would have had theirs gone that long.

@Matt Send it in to be fixed. Better safe than sorry.


@wedge still beats my experience with remington. Took nearly a month just to get the label, two months later I got the rifle back…with someone else’s bolt! Another month and I got a new rifle but had to go through an FFL and pay another $40 and background check.

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They should have built you a new rifle, destroyed the old one and put the old serial number on the new one and, if required, annotated it in their books. An FFL/manufacturer can ship a firearm straight to your home as long as it has the same serial number you sent in. No transfer required. I’ve had it done by, go figure, Kel-Tec when they replaced my Gen 1 P3AT with a Gen 2 because they didn’t have any more Gen 1 slides and mine needed replacing because it cracked at the thin area below the ejection port.

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