M*CARBO Brotherhood

Who’s Pullin’ The Pin


Kinda’ makes a person want to go for a visit don’t it. lol


good luck in the job brother judging by where it is sounds like a fun one to be in


@jeffing65 might get half price for the mcarbo brotherhood :smiley:



Wow. Congratulations!

Although the short video is nice, more videos and/or brochures would be great and helpful for all of us who would enjoy visiting you and your new location.


Go to Northstarcalifornia.com for more information. It’s really beautiful up here and you can’t oversell Lake Tahoe, I can gush all I want! I’m all over the resort daily and text these videos to our guests the week of their arrival to help build excitement. Fun gig where everybody is happy :blush:

And yes anyone who would like to visit Lake Tahoe, definitely hit me up via PM!



Thanks for the link.

Speaking of selling…do you know if any land or condos are for sale in the area? Do they sell any of the units in the Resort where you are working now?

I haven’t been to Lake Tahoe, yet, but for sure will and am thinking that would be a great place to have some property.


Congrats on the new job. I used to cross country ski at Northstar back in the day before it was a resort. Hopefully staring a fishing lure business with my son this year.