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Who’s Pullin’ The Pin


Well Brothers, the moment has come. I’m pulling the pin on my bail bond business. My license expires 11:59pm tonight. I ain’t renewing it.

The last three years has been a challenge to say the least. In another role I play, as a lobbyist representing the Nevada Bail industry, we prevailed over three major legislative threats, including one by our own regulators, the Division of Insurance🤢 who essentially no less than tried to strangle their own baby in the crib with their bill.

But it was the judges who did us in. For three years, I sat on a Supreme Court Committee as they implemented new experimental protocols of pre trial release that circumvent commercial bail bonds. Yea, the judge might “OR” you (own recognizance) or not! but you’ll wait 3-5 days to find out. Oh, what about that silly little thing called…your JOB?? Wellll, kiss that thucka g’bye!!

Anyway, the last straw was on August 28, California banned commercial bail bonds. We’re too close to that toilet rim not to get sucked down the tube. Not to mention the company that owns mine, has three offices in California. Erk!!

So I looked an Activist Judiciary in the eye, and Brothers, it ain’t perty. If these people represent the top 1% of knowledge and power in the criminal justice system, then I’m scared.

But FREE!!


Well, that sucks. What will you be doing now? Best of luck in any future endeavors!


First things first. I gotta give my 7 month old grandson this bottle, and while doing so, bury my nose in the top of that baby head and…:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


I was doing fugitive recovery in Tennessee, but I couldn’t get along with the owner… hope everything works out for you!


Yea, there’s definitely some crusty muggs out there but I’ll live to rock another day😆


yep, know the feeling - at the end of my second career i found myself at early retirement (it was OK, money was not an issue, and kind of a relief, actually); my hand was forced by economic market changes in publishing and a case of too much success in a particular technology

i always figured there was an upside to every life event change; guess i’m a glass is half full kinda person

now i’m having a lot of fun and enjoying life, and it sounds like you have the right attitude - good for you!

on the Gulf of Mexico


@Boomchucker Good luck in your future endeavors.


@Boomchucker Best of luck in the future JB. I’m sure there are more good jobs in the Reno area.


Hey Thank’s for Doing what you did for those who needed Help! It’s All about Money! And keeping Them in the System,



Best of luck to you in all your future career adventures.


@Boomchucker Dig a little and I bet you’ll find it is the private prison system (and their money) that is behind most of these changes and many others that have led to increased and longer incarceration rates for minor and victimless crimes. Once you start contracting out the job of incarceration, it becomes in the best interest of those doing the incarceration to keep folks in rather than out. You only make money on inmates - not parolees and people out on bail.


Thanks Brothers! I landed on my feet after all. Marketing manager at Northstar Resort in Lake Tahoe. Skiing, hiking, canoeing. Five star resort. Life is good😊

I changed the title of this thread to open it up to any brother who is retiring, job changing, transferring…whatever. Let’s hear all about it.


You called that!!! I don’t have the up to moment specs as of today, but here in Idaho incarceration was 2nd only to agriculture in income. The privatized prison contract required that all beds must be continually full. Meaning if someone is released, someone must fill that bed. If crime is down, especially serious crime, then it has to be created to run the money machine, insure high flow Federal Grant income, and create a bunch of cushy Elected and Appointed jobs and departments. All with interests other than us.


@Boomchucker aahhhhhhh…that’s terrible. LOL and not a pretty girl in sight either I suppose? :+1::+1::smiley::smiley::sunglasses:


Are you kidding?? You ever hear about ski bunnies?? This one of the original breeding grounds😂


@Boomchucker Karma Baby! The universe is taking care of you. Congratulations!
That’s not to say years of hard work and a resume that showed it had nothing to do with it. :smiling_imp:


Oh My Yes!! Seen’um with my own two eyes. lol


The balance of the universe that favors pursuit of a good life.



I know, JB… Woodie Central??? Lmao My father and his brother (5 yrs apart,) seemed to be in competition when I was growing up in Margate, NJ. During the summer (shoobies on vacation.) Shame that I was only 12 at the time? Women were competing to be my surrogate mother (if you can picture that? Thanks for the memory, brother! Big smiles.


Now that is falling in the stinky and coming out smelling like a rose!! Wish you all the best and hang tough brother!! :clap: